Court News

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Tyson C. Graves, 22, Switz City, Level 6 felony possession of child pornography

Tracie M. Shipwash, 51, Linton, Class A misdemeanor OVI endangering a person; Class C misdemeanor OVI; Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance; Level 6 felony possession of cocaine

Tobi N. Jackson, 19, Jasonville, Level 6 felony intimidation where threat is to commit a forcible felony

Veronica E. Abrams, 29, Bloomfield, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with prior conviction

Austin C. Feltner, 22, Solsberry, Level 3 felony child molesting, two counts


Greene County Clinic vs Steve T. Couch

Greene County Clinic vs Terran Williams

Professional Accounts Service INCL vs Jordan L. Harbaugh


Rent To Own Rentals LLC vs Tracy Garrison

Personal Finance Company vs Brian S. Kendall and Starla K. Kendall

TD Bank USA vs Robin Wright

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs Jack D. Kee

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs Tom Smith

United Leasing Inc vs Chrystal Salesman

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Tammy Carrell

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Natasha Sullivan

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs Thomas Heady

LVNV Funding vs Jonathan Wells

LVNV Funding LLC vs Roy Bussell

LVNV Funding LLC vs Kirby Bruce


Timothy K. Rogers, Dugger and Michelle M. Rogers, Dugger

Courtney M. Wilkerson, Solsberry and Austin J. Wilkerson, Bloomfield

Lacey Horton, Lyons and Larz Horton, Bloomington

Judy A. Stockert, Bedford and Jeffrey L. Stockert Sr, Stinesville


Ren D. Barton, 31, Linton, speeding

Joseph K. Mitchell, 37, Chandler, speeding

Kevisha S. Brookshire, 29, Indianapolis, speeding

Donna M. Dugger, 50, Evansville, speeding

Alex J. Eddy, 20, Jeffersonville, no valid driverís license; speeding

Nicholas M. Thurman, 27, Sullivan, speeding

Tanner Yeryar, 20, Jasonville, speeding

Joe Berry Jr, 47, Conowingo MD, no valid driverís license

Aaron M. Morgan, 35, Linton, failure to possess valid fishing license while fishing

Brandon E. Engler, 25, Worthington, littering

Tessa J. Tipton, 40, Bedford, failure to obey sign/traffic control device

Ryan R. Wilson, 33, Sullivan, driving while suspended

Phillip D. Magness Jr, 33, Bloomfield, disregarding an official traffic control device

Jesse A. Cox, 26, Bedford, Failure of occupant to use safety belt

Kyle F. Clark, 36, Bloomington, operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility

Lee A. Jerrell, 40, Linton, open alcoholic beverage container during operation of a motor vehicle

Amanda K. Collier, 28, Solsberry, speeding

Brody A. Martin, 24, Solsberry, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Jordan R. Holley, 22, Lafayette, speeding

Lauri L. Villareal, 57, Jasonville, speeding

Timothy F. Coleman, 29, Sullivan, child restraint system violation

Raeleigh A. Klingensmith, 26, Clarks Hill, speeding

Eric D. Forestal, 27, Fishers, speeding

Crystal S. Collier, 34, Solsberry, speeding

David B. Bienz, 63, Indianapolis, speeding

Ruslan A. Batman, 23, Vincennes, speeding

Courtney C. Mulvey, 27, Clarks Hill, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Steven S. Howard, 50, Bloomfield, failure to obey sign/traffic control device

Daniel J. Howard, 46, Bloomfield, no valid driverís license; failure of occupant to use safety belt