Court News

Monday, October 1, 2018


Robert Lewis vs Destinea Phillips and Matthew Phillips


Michael T. White, Linton and Kylee D. Niebrugge, Linton

Robert E. Hamlin, Bloomfield and Bobby J. Holtsclaw, Bloomfield

Joshua D. French, Worthington and Brittany A. Allen, Bloomfield

Parker J. Lovelace, Dugger and Kelsey M. Lillie, Jasonville

Roy W. Cullison, Bloomfield and Donna L. Bland, Bloomfield

William L. Garrison, Jasonville and Danica L. Beard, Jasonville

Shane M. Goodwill, Clay City and Donja M. Reid, Jasonville

Duane L. Rehmel, Jasonville and Lisa M. Campbell, Jasonville


DeLeona Miller, Bloomfield and Shanae M. Morris, Vincennes

Amy C. Bair, Bloomfield and Terry L. Bair, Bloomfield


Derek R. Bradbury, 47, Linton, speeding

Chasity N. Cruz-Hernandez, 25, Clay City, speeding

Robert L. Secrest, 47, Linton, speeding

Brandon M. Leech, 22, Jasonville, speeding

Ricardo A. Arevalo-Viera, 26, Louisville KY, speeding

Tammy Johnson, 46, Jasonville, owner allows dog to stray beyond owner’s premises

Gregory Woods, 42, Thompsonville IL, speeding

Jerad D. Rose, 47, Jasonville, driving while suspended

Brittney D. Cazee, 35, Jasonville, speeding

Amber D. Fogleman, 36, Jasonville, owner allows dog to stray beyond owner’s premises