Court News

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Crescent Bank and Trust vs Stephanie S. Cox


Jace A. Herndon, Linton and Becca J. Pearson, Linton

George W. Drew, Jasonville and Lori Stewart, Jasonville

Donald G. Whited, Linton and LaDona J. Plummer, Linton

Thomas J. Ridinger, Jasonville and Bonnie J. Bland, Linton

William A. Ray, Lincoln NE and Sierra D. Townsend, Newberry


Heather Wiley, Bloomfield and Justin Wiley, Bloomington


Jalen D. Garrison, 20, Bolingbrook IL, failure to yield right-of-way at entrance to through highway

Michael J. French, 63, Jasonville, speeding

Chris A. Ryan, 37, Bloomfield, operating a motor vehicle with a false plate-plate belongs to another vehicle

Jayce E. Troup, 24, Linton, driving while suspended

David E. Beachy, 66, Franklin KY, operating with expired plates

Carl T. Romine, 49, Bloomfield, no valid driverís license

Brayden L. Hancock, 21, Lyons, operating with expired plates

Samantha R. Roberts, 25, Linton, operating a motor vehicle with a fictitious plate

Megan R. Mattox, 21, Jasonville, speeding

Evan R. Porter, 25, Jasonville, driving while suspended