Letter to the Editor

Pastor Jerry Ross of Jasonville

Friday, February 22, 2019

Dear Editor,

The so called “Hate Crime Legislation” (SB 12) is being sold as a protection against bias motivated crime. Yet the legislation creates the very bias that it is supposed to oppose. By creating a list of politically-favored victims, it violates “equal justice under the law”. Why should the physical assault of a healthy, 35 year-old homosexual carry a significantly stronger sentence than the physical assault of a 90 year old grandmother? Both are despicable crimes and both would already be punished under our present Hoosier laws.

Let’s stop dancing around the issue and expose this bill for what it really is. This bill is another attempt by the militant homosexual and transgender radicals to attain “super rights” while the rest of us are delegated mere “rights”. It is an insult to the many compassionate Hoosiers of all races who – based on religious and moral boundaries that are thousands of years old – sincerely object to their lifestyle. If a victim-specific hate crime law is passed, it puts the militant homosexual and transgender radicals one step closer to their ultimate goal of a “hate speech” legislation designed to criminalize any Christian who voiced Bible-based opposition to their way of life. Christians have already been prosecuted under “hate crime laws” for peacefully disapproving of homosexual behavior in Sweden, England and Canada.

Let’s stand against the political-correct bullies and stand up for traditional Hoosier morality and common-sense values.

Pastor Jerry Ross