Court News

Monday, March 4, 2019


Steven E. Strange, 44, Lyons, driving while suspended with prior conviction


Full-O-Pep dba American Rental vs Aaron Archer and Rachel Archer

Full-O-Pep dba American Rental vs Alyssa Hall and Lowell Hall


Midland Funding LLC vs Cherri Farris


Jeffrey P. Murr, 59, Franklin, speeding

Tammy D. Plann, 44, Linton, expired plates

Rachel C. Christie, 29, Westfield, speeding

Samantha N. Runyan, 40, Brazil, speeding

Patrick A. Beard, 19, Bloomfield, speeding

Stacey A. Richardson, 47, Bloomington, over gross weight

Kyndra Smith, 17, Linton, disregarding stop sign

Dezere Eggers, 36, Linton, child restraint system violation, child under eight

Stevie R. Stalcup, 30, Jasonville, speeding

Christopher D. Snyder, 56, Vincennes, expired plates

Sabra B. Smith, 23, Odon, speeding

Daniel A. Casner, 25, Linton, speeding

Kaleb D. Crane, 18, Linton, disregarding stop sign

Christina M. Yamamoto, 43, Bloomington, speeding

Casey N. Warthan, 25, Bloomington, speeding

Michael W. Wakefield, 26, Indianapolis, expired plates

Kayleigh J. Stafford, 17, Linton, speeding

Alexander K. Knop, 22, Indianapolis, speeding

Branda J. Payne, 27, Linton, speeding

Natosha L. Roudebush, 30, Tampa FL, speeding

Ronald D. Smith, 47, Ofallon IL, speeding

Jeffrey T. Kaiser, 52, Butler, federal motor carrier safety regulation violation, two counts

Melinda L. Decker, 46, Vincennes, speeding

Cari J. Wilson, 24, Odon, failure to obey sign/ traffic control device

Ronald L. Lehman, 54, Linton, speeding

Hermelito U. Rafol, 26, San Diego CA, speeding

Joanna K. Squire, 49, Dugger, failure to signal for turn or lane change