Court News

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Donald C. Weber, 62, Bloomfield, Level 5 felony intimidation where defendant draws or uses a deadly weapon; Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief

Kelly D. Reed, 41, Linton, Class C misdemeanor OVI; Class C misdemeanor OVI with alcohol concentration between .08 and .15


Full-O-Pep vs Michael Burger

Full-O-Pep vs Brandy Gilstrap and Rob Isenogel


Cavalry SPV I LLC vs Gerald Morrison

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs Tamara Hollers


Brian Bingham, Bloomfield and Sarah R. Bingham, Bloomington


Morgan A. Gilreath, 23, Linton, driving while suspended

Marlin A. Ball, 20, Linton, disregarding stop sign

Brendan P. Lehman, 23, Nashville TN, speeding

Jason A. Misiniec, 48, Bicknell, loads not properly fastened

Kevin B. Ashley, 54, Bloomington, U-turn on freeway

Brayden K. Murphy, 19, Wabash, speeding

Austin R. Gray, 24, Newburgh, speeding

Jacob M. Robertson, 22, Worthington, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Samantha G. Samples, 32, Poland, speeding

Chenelle R. Coleman, 31, Indianapolis, speeding

Bryant S. Jackson, 23, Linton, speeding

Hayden J. Russell, 20, Westfield, speeding

Kelly E. Gomez, 21, Hudson OH, speeding

Faith L. Thompson, 24, New Castle, expired plates

Michael R. Cottrill, 48, Lafayette, stopping, standing or parking where prohibited