Court News

Monday, June 3, 2019


Pablo T. Silverio, 32, Bloomfield, Class C misdemeanor OVI; Class A misdemeanor OVI with ACE of .15 or more

Eric T. Wiscaver, 25, Sandborn, Class A misdemeanor domestic battery

Matthew W. Burris, 34, Jasonville, Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy in violation of protective order

Juliann K. Hilovsky, 19, Riverside CA, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Brianna L. Shouse, 20, Coal City, Class A misdemeanor theft

Jacob D. Stuart, 19, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Sheryl R. Lackey, 46, Bloomfield, Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct

Jacqulyn McDaniels, 31, Linton, Class A misdemeanor theft

Shea K. Imhausen, 37, Bloomfield, Class A misdemeanor OVI endangering a person; Class C misdemeanor OVI; Class A misdemeanor OVI with ACE of .15 or more; Level 6 felony OVI with ACE of .15 or more with passenger under age 18; Level 6 felony neglect of a dependent placing dependent in danger; Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with prior conviction


Bruce Borders and Lola Borders vs Greg Keller

Corvee Inc vs Derick Richards

James Bauer vs Jeffrey D. Groomer

Robert Lewis vs Doretta Harris and Randall Harris

Jody Lewis vs Stehany McCarter and Unknown Occupants

Brittney N. Richey vs Ashley Speer

Cheryl Lundy and Robert Lundy vs Shane Barnes


Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs Jim Clothier

Bank of America vs Patricia A. O’Fallon

Bank of America vs Patricia A. O’Fallon

CACH LLC vs Glenn E. Purcell


James P. Bernier, Linton and Julie M. Bauer, Linton

Austin D. Schulte, Bloomfield and Julie M. Riggins, Bloomfield

Andrew J. Gibbs, Linton and Shawna M. Couch, Linton

Jesse G. Patton, Bloomfield and Autumn C. England, Bloomfield

Eric M. Miller, Lewis and Makayla L. Goble, Jasonville

Zachary A. Pence, Solsberry and Nikki L. McElhone-Murphy, Solsberry

Luke A. Jerrells, Linton and Bridget N. Francis, Worthington

Riley J. Padgett, Linton and Hayleigh R. Garrett, Jasonville

Justin P. Tabor, Springville and Hunter B. Mossbrucker, Springville

Jeremy R. Stephens, Bloomfield and Virginia I. Goodman, Bloomfield


Amanda M. Miller, Bloomfield and David A. Brault II, Texas City TX

Donitta Cody, Lyons and William Cody, Linton

Rita Manues, Bloomington and Lindol Manues, no town given

Katelyn Garrett, Linton and Amanda Page, Bloomfield

Christopher L. Scott, Terre Haute and Melissa G. Scott, Jasonville


Jeffery L. Davis, 22, Ovett MS, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Jonathan S. Resler, 44, Edwardsport, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Howard L. Dick Jr, 35, Linton, speeding

Kylie M. Smith, 19, Elnora, speeding

Faith M. Graves, 19, Lawton OK, speeding

Alec N. McKee, 18, Linton, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Dylan M. Hutcherson, 27, Worthington, driving while suspended

Talanna S. Ruffin, 28, Bloomington, speeding

Michael C. Faulk, 26, Linton, speeding

Faye A. Sargent, 67, Springville, speeding

Candace K. Templeton, 62, Linton, speeding

Dana L. Dove, 47, Linton, expired plates

Teleatha M. Dilley, 28, Washington, speeding

Tad A. Vanhorn, 29, Jasonville, speeding

James S. Phillips, 60, Linton, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Theresa L. Crowson, 58, Evansville, speeding

Michael T. Jewell, 48, Carlisle, speeding

Whitney D. Carpenter, 20, Linton, speeding

John C. Meek, 34, Sullivan, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Caitlin D. Purcell, 27, Bloomington, failure to obey signs and markings while driving

Tysen R. Dunn, 23, Linton, failure to obey sign/traffic control device

Alissa N. Newlin, 21, Chandler, speeding

Rajendra S. Patel, 46, Horse Cave KY, speeding

Jalen C. Nelson, 19, Brownsburg, speeding

Marissa K. Goodwin, 23, Bloomington, speeding

Clint J. Cross, 23, Sandborn, speeding

Jared W. Durham, 20, Solsberry, speeding