Court News

Monday, July 1, 2019


Brandi M. Corlett, 28, Bloomington, Class A misdemeanor theft

Ryan T. Reynolds, 35, Dugger, Class B misdemeanor battery

Chance Howard, 20, Linton, Class C misdemeanor illegal possession of an alcoholic beverage

Kameron M. Thompson, 20, Bloomfield, Class C misdemeanor illegal possession of an alcoholic beverage

Justina R. Jerrell, 45, Lyons, Class A misdemeanor deception

John G. Nicholson, 45, Solsberry, Class A misdemeanor OVI endangering a person; Class C misdemeanor OVI; Class A misdemeanor OVI with alcohol concentration of .15 or more; Level 6 felony criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon

Jason L. Grubb, 30, Bedford, Level 6 felony domestic battery committed in the presence of a child under 16; Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief


Midland Funding LLC vs Rebecca Templeton


Matthew W. Hayworth, Solsberry and Holly D. Perkins, Indianapolis

Christopher E. Hanner, Linton and Debbie Massey, Bloomington

Koertney R. Myers, Linton and Jeremiah T. Myers, Linton

Cheyenne M. Graves, Delphi and Devin R. Graves, Solsberry

Ruth Lacy, Linton and Gregory Lacy, Linton

Gerri Klusenklaus, Odon and Don Krusenklaus, Newberry


Brian W. Dowell, 44, Bloomington, speeding

Charles A. Parker, 29, Bloomington, speeding

Darrion R. Chapman, 53, Dugger, driving while suspended

Elizabeth Ann May, 35, Linton, disregarding stop sign

Steven A. Stahl, 71, Bloomfield, speeding

Kameron M. Thompson, 20, Bloomfield, speeding

Stacie M. Tafoya, 43, Linton, operating a vehicle with a false plate

Aubree N. Christy, 16, Worthington, disregarding stop sign

Tony R. Jerrell, 57, Linton, failure to obey sign/traffic control device