Court News

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Court News


Jarod J. Weaver, 32, Linton, Class C misdemeanor violation of driving conditions pursuant to 9-30-16-2

Andrew W. Scott, 32, Jasonville, Class B misdemeanor battery; Class B misdemeanor criminal recklessness; Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief

Caleb K. Ramage, 38, Gosport, Level 6 felony possession of marijuana with prior drug offense conviction; Level 6 felony maintaining a common nuisance; Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

James R. Lawson Jr., 46, Linton Class misdemeanor harassment by means of a telephone call

Alfonso Nunuz, 18, So. Chicago Heights IL, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Joshua L. Parson, 36, Indianapolis, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with prior conviction; Class A misdemeanor false informing resulting in substantial hindrance to law enforcement; Level 6 felony theft


Professional Accounts Service, Inc. vs Jarod J. Weaver and Lindsey M. Weaver

Kenneth Coffey vs Amanda Shields

Full-O-Pep Appliances, Inc. vs Dale Sweeney and Debra Sweeney

Full-O-Pep Appliances, Inc. vs Michael Damron

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. vs Heidi Gibbs and Todd Gibbs

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. vs Daniel C. Salmon

Dian Wallace vs Kimberly Paul

Full-O-Pep Appliances, Inc. vs Lacy Reeves and Terry Wright


Bank of America vs Gloryann F. Fox


Bradley D. King, Bloomfield and Jennifer J. Farber, Bloomfield

Victoria Hutcherson, Linton and Christopher McGee Jr, Linton

Robert L. Sipes, Lyons and Melody D. Richardson, Lyons

Douglas M. Roudebush, Linton and Michelle L. Riggleman, Linton


Robert L. Secrest, 48, Lewis, driving while suspended

Rachael A. McKee, 31, Linton, expired plates

Terry J. Sullivan, 52, Linton, driving while suspended

Andrew L. Hall, 48, Sullivan, failure of occupant to use safety belt

KC E. Brunton, 33, Carlisle, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Christina L. Ashton, 38, Jasonville, speeding

Zane C. Yates, 21, Jasonville, driving while suspended; speeding

Melissa K. Oster, 54, Sullivan, speeding

Michelle R. Murley, 44, Jasonville, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Dakota L. Moss, 18, Jasonville, expired plates

James S. Phillips, 61, Linton, speeding

Jeffrey A. Enochs, 58, Linton, over gross weight