Linton High School Athletic Director responds to IHSAA update

Thursday, March 12, 2020

WIth the announcement today that the boys basketball regionals this weekend will be closed off to all non-essential personnel, Linton-Stockton High School Athletic Director Charlie Karazsia responded by saying the changes are “unfortunate but good”.

“Just in the past 24 hours the NBA has shut down, the Big Ten cancelled their conference tournament and the NCAA has announced that the NCAA tournament will not allow fans. This is a good call by the IHSAA, it’s always better to be cautious with these things,” Karazsia said this afternoon.

“It’s unfortunate that we only get 75 tickets, most of those going to coaches and parents, grandparents and siblings of the players, but I don’t expect this to have an impact on the team. The only way this affects the team is if we close school, which means no one can practice.”

“It’s unfortunate that we won’t have our cheerleaders, pep band or pep block at the game, but it’s something we have to deal with.”

“With just 75 tickets available we have to get the right people to the games.”

As reported earlier today by the Daily World, a press release from the IHSAA stated, “For the remaining games, each participating school will be allotted only 75 complimentary tickets aside from the 12 dressed players and to include only essential personnel, coaches, administrative staff and immediate family of the players.

Anyone holding a regional ticket will be issued a full refund at the point of purchase. Individuals must present the ticket(s) in order to receive a refund.

Regional games will continue to be streamed at and its affiliates as well as previously approved broadcast stations.”

The recent announcement of changes to be made will add a new dynamic to ‘Hoosier Hysteria’ we’ve all come to know over the years as almost all games, regular season, postseason and even some preseason scrimmages usually have more than 150 people in attendance.

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