Greene County 2022 General Election dates and times

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Greene County Clerk Stuart Dowden recently shared information on the 2022 Greene County General Election.

Important dates and times are as follows:

Early voting

• October 12 - November 4 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Voter Registration Office at the Greene County Courthouse

• November 7 - from 8 a.m. to noon at the Voter Registration Office at the Greene County Courthouse

Satellite voting

• October 29 - from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Center Township Fire Department and at the Voter Registration Office at the Greene County Courthouse

• November 5 - from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Roy Clark Building and at the Voter Registration Office at the Greene County Courthouse

General Election Day voting locations - Tuesday, November 8 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Greene County Courthouse - 1 E Main St., Bloomfield, IN 47424

• Center Township Fire Department - 11216 E State Road 54, Bloomfield, IN 47424

• Eastern Fire Department - 4098 N State Road 43, Solsberry, IN, 47459

• Event Center at the Fairgrounds - 4503 W State Road 54, Bloomfield, IN 47424

• Jackson Township Fire Department - 11523 E Main St. Owensburg, IN 47453

• Jasonville Fire Department - 235 Cook Street, Jasonville, IN, 47438

• Roy Clark Building at Humphreys Park - 1351 E St., Linton, IN, 47441

• Lyons Community Building - 600 W Broad St., Lyons, IN, 47443

• Taylor Township Fire Department - 7904 S Westgate Road, Newberry, IN, 47449

• Worthington Town Hall - 20 S Commercial St., Worthington, IN, 47471

Cast your vote November 8

Judicial retention, Court of Appeals Fifth District

• Shall Judge Nancy H. Vaidik be retained in office?

Judicial retention, Court of Appeals First District

• Shall Judge Leanna K. Weissmann be retained in office?

The following candidates will be listed on the general election ballot: D-Democratic; R-Republican; L-Libertarian; I-Independent (write-in); NP-Non-Partisan

US Senator

• Thomas McDermott, Jr. D

• James M. Sceniak L

• Todd Young R

• Thomas Baer I

• Phillip Beachy I

• Haneefah Khaaliq I

• David G. Storer I

• Danny Niederberger I

• Antonio X. Alvarez I

Secretary of State

• Destiny Wells D

• Jeffrey Mauer L

• Diego Morales R

• Andrew Straw Di

• David Wetterer G

Auditor of State

• ZeNai Brooks D

• John A. Schick L

• Tera K. Klutz R

Treasurer of State

• Jessica McClellan D

• Daniel Elliott R

US Representative

• Ray McCormick D

• Andrew Horning L

• Larry D. Buschon R

State Senator

• Eric Bassler R

State Representative

• Cody Alsman I

• Bruce Borders R

Prosecuting Attorney

• Jarrod D. Holtsclaw R

Clerk of the Circuit Court

• Stuart A. Dowden R

County Auditor

• Heather Perry R

County Recorder

• Sarah Bender R

County Sheriff

• George Dallaire R

County Coroner

• Brian F. Gainey D

• Joe Graves R

County Assessor

• Dawn Abrams R

County Commissioner

• Rick Graves R

County Council Member

• Randall Brown R

• Kelly Zimmerly R

• Ron Lehman R

• Brent A. Murray D

Township Trustee

• Gregory A. (Greg) Thacker, Beech Creek Township, R

• Lucas Sipes, Cass Township, D

• Garry “Spec” Jackson, Center Township, R

• Alex C Crowe, Fairplay Township, R

• Melonie Graves, Grant Township, R

• Brian Kollmeyer, Highland Township, R

• Seth Wagner, Jackson Township, R

• Risa R. Dyar, Jefferson Township, R

• Sue Brown, Richland Township, R

• Terry Blanton, Smith Township, R

• Justin Dale, Stafford Township, R

• Donna J. Smith, Stockton Township, D

• Kristi K. Hartzburg, Taylor Township, D

• Jay Kaho, Washington Township, R

• Donna J. McNabb, Wright Township, R

Township Board Member

• Gary L. Hudson, Beech Creek Township, R

• Clint A. Pfaff, Beech Creek Township, R

• Donald O. Prow, Beech Creek Township, R

• Rebecca Arthur, Cass Township, D

• Dured L. Townsend, Cass Township, D

• Hiedi A. Wesner, Cass Township, R

• Debbie Jackson, Center Township, D

• W. Edward Cullison, Center Township, R

• Gage Pope, Center Township, R

• Stephanie Hill, Fairplay Township, D

• Steve Lindsay, Fairplay Township, D

• Jake White, Fairplay Township, R

• Keith J. Jones, Grant Township, R

• Jo. E. Laughlin, Grant Township, R

• Randolph R. Miller, Grant Township, R

• Billy A. Combs, Jackson Township, R

• Paul “Buck” Cullison, Jackson Township, R

• Martha (Cullison) Miller, Jackson Township, R

• Terry L. Koons, Jefferson Township, D

• Dennis Cullison, Jefferson Township, R

• Vern L. Spoor, Jefferson Township, R

• Brian Stoner, Jefferson Township, R

• Charles A. Strickler, Jefferson Township, R

• Leon Allen, Richland Township, R

• Larry “Joe” Ellis, Richland Township, R

• Judy J. Wise, Richland Township, R

• James W. Stahl, Smith Township, R

• Tracy Stone, Smith Township, R

• Shari A. Hostetter, Stafford Township, R

• Charles “Charlie” Cox, Stockton Township, D

• Dennis (Zed) Gentry, Stockton Township, D

• James A. Gregory, Stockton Township, D

• Randall R. Baker, Taylor Township, D

• Edward Strong, Taylor Township, R

• Tracy (Hasler) Norris, Washington Township, D

• Scott Kaho, Washington Township, R

• Eric (Hago) Waggoner, Washington Township, R

• Bob Boruff, Wright Township, D

• Jay B. Criss, Wright Township, D

• Kristopher J. Landry, Wright Township, D

Town Council Member

• Gerren L. Cullison, Worthington At Large, R

• Brian L. Stoner, Worthington At Large, R

School Board Member

• Michael D. Adams, Eastern Greene Beech Creek Township

• Dennis Crowe, Eastern Greene Center Township

• Adam Griffith, Eastern Greene Center Township

• Troy Fields, Eastern Greene Jackson Township

• Kim (Wilson) Waldridge, Eastern Greene Jackson Township

• Natalie Aber, Bloomfield District One

• Kris Jarman, Bloomfield District One

• Terri R. Neighbors, Bloomfield District One

• Chad J. Strange, Bloomfield District One

• Kayla K. Hendrix, Bloomfield District Two

• Keith Bennett, Bloomfield District Three

• Lana J. Pinnick, Bloomfield District Three

• Scott A. Bell, Linton-Stockton At Large

• Katie Elliott, Linton-Stockton At Large

• Jared Albright, Linton-Stockton District One

• William “Bill” Bedwell, Linton-Stockton District One

• Byron M. Goodman, Linton-Stockton District Two

• Craig R. House, Linton-Stockton District Two

• Elizabeth Mason, Linton-Stockton District Two

• Brock Hostetter, WRV At Large

• Timothy L. York, WRV At Large

• Lesli A. English, WRV District Two

• Cleta J. Shake, WRV District Two

• Conner L. Hill, WRV District Four

• Joseph E. Decker, WRV District Six

• Braionna Barber, Shakamak District Two

• Jodi Barton, Shakamak District Three

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