Bids roll in at Commissioners meeting

Thursday, June 6, 2024

The Greene County Commissioners met for their regularly scheduled session on Tuesday, June 4. All three Commissioners were in attendance as bids were opened for pest and rodent control as well as the SIDC housing rehabilitation grant.

11 different county properties will be served by the winner of the pest and rodent control bids which included $1,250 from All-In Pest Control and $1,165 from City Pest Control from Linton. The decision was made to take the bids under advisement so County Attorney Marvin Abshire and the county’s pest control specialist can review them. Commissioner President Nathan Abrams was authorized to sign the contract after a decision is made.

In addition, bids were opened for the SIDC housing rehabilitation grant, which applies to seven homes within the county. The two eligible contractor bids are as follows:

Brock Anderson Construction

• Project 24101 - $30,250

• Project 24102 - No bid included

• Project 24103 - $29,950

• Project 24104 - $30,900

• Project 24105 - $70,100

• Project 24106 - $27,750

• Project 24107 - $35,850

K.D. Mendenhall

• Project 24101 - $64,689

• Project 24102 - $57,920

• Project 24103 - $32,875

• Project 24104 - $33,780

• Project 24105 - $84,188

• Project 24106 - $28,750

• Project 24107 - $26,490

The Commissioners agreed to take the bids under advisement to compare the contractors and their costs.

In other business:

Minutes were approved from the May 21 regular meeting along with the claims and payroll.

Approval was given for a tax sale addendum as well as a second payment application to Wolfe Construction. Final approval for the CAT sale agreement with the Greene County Highway Department was provided along with approval for Resolution 2024-07 regarding the same topic.

As a result of requirements by the state, approval was given to submit certification of the county’s covered bridge.

Resolution 2024-06 was presented by Abshire to enter the Indiana Public Employers Plan Inc. for workers compensation insurance followed by its approval from the Commissioners.

During the public comments section, a Vicksburg resident approached the podium voicing his concern for the town’s lack of tornado sirens. He stated citizens of Vicksburg are often unable to hear Linton or Jasonville tornado sirens in the event of an emergency. He suggested the implementation of a siren on the water tower located on State Road 59 to provide warning to residents of both Vicksburg and Midland. The Commissioners advised the commenter to contact Emergency Management Agency Director Roger Axe regarding the request.

Commissioner Rick Graves informed those in attendance of the projected September completion date of the EMS facility.

The next regular meeting of the Greene County Commissioners will be held June 18 at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioner’s Room on the third floor of the Greene County Courthouse. A video option will be available at the “Greene County, Indiana, Government” channel on YouTube.

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