Wolverine Enterprises at White River Valley High School

Friday, March 12, 2021
By Patti Danner

Wolverine Enterprises consists of six individual student-led and operated businesses overseen by a program director, a faculty CEO and CFO and student CEO and CFO. All of the businesses use the new Wolverine Center, formerly the school library. In addition, the endeavor is assisted by Owen County State Bank, which opened a bank branch inside the high school to provide banking services and financial education to the budding businesspeople. While junior and senior students run the businesses, freshmen and sophomore students take a series of courses in areas such as resume writing, interviewing skills, application skills, ACT/SAT prep, financial literacy including credit card management, credit scores, how to secure a loan or financing and life skills in everything from how to tie a necktie, etiquette, formal manners and even how to change a tire. The six businesses include Wolverine Frozen Feasts, Ag Enterprises, WRV Custom Manufacturing, WRV Fine Arts and Design, Precision Machining and Wolverine Graphics and Design.