Letter to the Editor

Current, former students can pick up art work

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

To the Editor:

Art work that has been done by Linton-Stockton High School students -- past and present -- has recently been sorted.

Work done by students presently enrolled at Linton will be available in their English classes during the first days of school. If you were formerly a student at Linton or have a friend or relative who may have art work to be claimed, you may call me at 847-2065 to see if work is available.

There are items from both the 1921 and 2000 building's students. While some works are design exercises, there are also some wonderful drawings that weren't taken home. Work will be available for a week after this appears in the paper.

With sincere appreciation for the interested art students I have had in class over the years.

Dale French