A lot of work goes into building floats

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Floats of many kinds lined the streets of Linton during the Freedom Festival pre-parade line-up on Monday.

This year marked the centennial celebration of the parade.

Richard Brown Insurance, of Linton, entered a float in the parade with the comedy theme of a saloon from the old West.

The float was complete with Brown and Jason Kahl dressed as women, right down to their fishnet stockings.

"It's just to be funny," Brown said.

This is the third year for Richard Brown Insurance to enter a comedy float into the Freedom Festival Parade.

Bloomfield State Bank entered a float themed "100 Years of Memories," which was complete with the fashion style of Marilyn Monroe, including the infamous white dress blown upward.

The float also included the fashion styles of the 1960's go-go boots and the 1950's poodle skirt. Music of each era was also pumped from the float to give a full-effect.

On the funny side of the parade were the clowns Smiley and Freedom who drove 150 miles to enter the parade.

"It's the nicest parade we've been in ... in the state of Indiana," said Freedom the clown.

"It's very well executed ... just like clockwork," she added.

Francis Jewel Box and Multi-Media D.J. Services teamed up for the fifth year with a float themed "Celebrating Your Present and Future."

"It's fun to do with family and friends," said James Phillips, owner of Multi-Media D.J. Services.

"We've done it for the past five years and we will probably keep doing it," Phillips added.

The Linton First Christian Church themed their float "2,000 Years of Thirst Quenching" and handed out bottled water complete with a label promoting their church services.

"It's hard work," said Michelle Ellett, children's director.

But the kids like being in the parade, she added.

The church's youth invasion was themed "Thirsty" and Ellett decided to carry the theme over into the parade.

Angell's Food Center, of Linton, themed their float "100 Years of Mercantile."

The float was complete with a general store atmosphere and many employees worked together for about four weeks putting the float together.

Crimestoppers themed their float "Little Things Count."

The float had Tommy Terrell posed on a toilet in a makeshift jail cell watching television with a MOM tattoo written on his forearm.

"I robbed someone ... and now I'm doing time," Terrell explained.

Lighthouse Ministries, of Linton, was themed around Jesus walking on water.

"The float was built by hands," said Youth Minister, Josh Ryan.

"We all came together and built it really quick."

"We had a good time ... we had a lot of fun," he added.

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