Bed Races prove to be a lot of fun

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Fifteen people ---- representing three teams ---- showed up Sunday in front of the Roy Clark Community Building in Linton to take part in the second annual bed races.

The event, which is part of the 34 Days of June, consists of teams of five people. One team member sits on the bed while the other four members push the wheeled bed around obstacles such as cones.

The Sears team ---- Vic Brown, Andy Edmondson, Jennifer Brown, Michael Brown and Jared Rose ---- came into the competition with bragging rights as they won the first bed race last year. However, the Los Primos team ---- which means "the cousins" in Spanish ---- was made up of Kip Hoffer, Ingle Hoffer, Cristina Hoffer, Tammy Stark and Wade Stark and another team consisting of Nicholas Angell, Britt Lannan, Brady Stefancik, Valerie Horein and Nick Horein wanted to assure that the Sears team would not claim its second title in a row.

This year's event was a round robin, meaning that the teams raced each other one time. The two teams with the best record faced off in the championship race in a winner-take-all situation. When it came down to the championship race it was the Sears team facing Los Primos. In the end, Los Primos ---- who finished second last year ---- walked away with bragging rights and this year's title.

After the race, Ingle Hoffer was thrilled with the victory.

"We're happy," she said. "We were pumped."

She explained that her cousins, Tammy Stark and Wade Stark, are from California.

"They think it's neat," she said.

Hoffer, who along with the entire team had their own cheering section, credited the fans for their support.

"It was our fans," she said with a laugh. "They pulled us through."

Brown said his team lost the final race in the first turn. Speaking of next year's race, Brown said, his team needed to get younger recruits.

Although Los Primos' fans may have pulled them through, fans of the Sears team were trying their best to break the concentration of the other teams. The Sears' fan were throwing water balloons and shooting water guns at competitors.

Brown admitted that people trash talk during the event, but said it's all in good fun.

"We have a good time," he said.

Brown noted that the weather cooperated better this year than it did last year. Last year it rained, and he said, this year the weather was beautiful.

Linton-Stockton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cheryl Hamilton said this year's event drew a larger crowd than last year.

Lee Stremming of Stremming Construction was responsible for getting the beds and delivering them to the race site.

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