Letter to the Editor

Bookkeeper responds to comments, facts in article

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To the Editor:

This is a comment on the article of Jan. 16 concerning the bookkeeper fees paid by Greene County Solid Waste District's office. I am that bookkeeper.

I was hired in 1995 to do their administrative work when they lost the previous bookkeeper. They liked my work and they kept me in their payroll.

At the time the district was getting their funds from the tipping fee, all of them had very nice salaries and I was very happy with their offer.

After a couple of years, I started doing freelance work and I suggested to them that they save the payroll taxes they had to pay for my salary and just consider me an independent contractor. They were glad to do it.

Although I was no longer an employee, they always treated me as one, getting raises when they all did and those raises stopped when their finances changed. And I was fine with it. (Contrary to what some people believe, money is not my motivator)

I was very upset when I read the facts disclosed in that article because they were wrong and because such a false statement was made precisely this time of the year when my tax clients may read it and get the wrong impression from it.

Fact that was wrong ... last year I was not paid $6,630, I was paid $4,990.

One thing the article missed is that, in last month's meeting, a board member mentioned that he had asked around and found someone who would be willing to do it for $3,000. (I don't know how a price could be quoted when that person doesn't know what the job is)

But here is what I have to say about all this. This company has always had my full care and attention. I not only do the bookkeeping duties for which they would have to hire a person, but also the accounting duties for which they would have to pay $3,000? It's obvious that something else is behind all this so ... it being a business after all, if they can find someone that will do what I do for less than $3,000, they should hire them immediately.

I'm proud to say that, in all these years, the yearly audits have always been immaculate and I am very happy with my work.

It needs to be said that the $12 a year fee is necessary to keep the much needed programs active and with it and the great increase in recycling revenue experienced in the last couple of years, the county is in a great position to be an example of things well done.

In closing, I've always had the best interest of the agency at heart and I wish them continued success.

Lola Brewer