Letter to the Editor

City needs to 'listen' when it comes to Farmer's Market

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To the Editor:

As we often find in a government controlled by Democrats, a propensity to expand the government's range into areas it ought not go, our city government is trying to get into the retail business by establishing a Farmer's Market.

A true Farmer's Market is the products of several private entrepreneurs, offering the harvest to the public in a wholesale manner. These people should then be extended the same opportunities, that the city provides for Wal-mart, Save-a-lot, Angell's and all other retail food businesses.

Other than permits and taxes, the city should stay out of it. The aforementioned stores pay taxes, buy utilities and provide jobs in the city. They do not deserve business competition from the city. Let the farmers establish a Farmer's Market and let the city issue the permits and collect the taxes. If utilities are required, the city can provide them at the going rate, but stay out of private business.

This is only fair.

This is not my wisdom, but my coffeemates at McDonald's and friends I meet in other places. I think that Linton has many clear-thinking folks. The city administration would do good listening to them.

Thanks for listening.

Robert M. Weyer