Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mother was glue that

held family together

To the Editor:

Have no regrets.

A year ago on Aug. 15, my mother Mary Lucas, passed away from the terrible disease, cancer. I have lost many people in my life who were special to me, family members, friends, and acquaintances.

From disease, suicide, drug overdose, accident, and old age, death has taken so many in its painful grip. With every loss I have felt sadness, a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, and a void that cannot be filled, because each and every person is special and unique and cannot be replaced.

However, the passing of my mother has been especially hard for me. If anyone cannot be replaced it is a mother. Unconditional love is almost impossible to receive from anyone else. Who else will forgive you for any transgression and love you despite your many flaws? Who else can you treasure memories of loving nurturing and supporting you through your tender years? Who else can you always trust their advice to be in your best interest, without any doubt?

My mother raised me and five siblings, working her fingers to the bones to make sure we had good, home-cooked meals, decent clothes, and that we all felt loved and cherished in our own ways. She was not perfect, just as no one is, but she did her best and it was good enough. She is clearly missed by me and all my sisters and brother.

She was the glue that held us all together, the person who mended any ill feelings we had for each other, just as most mothers do. We always looked forward to gatherings as a family on Thanksgiving and Christmas every year, to socialize and enjoy mom's delicious feasts.

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone dear, especially a child. My advice to everyone is to love and cherish everyone and anyone in your life each and every minute of very day. Build relationships on trust and understanding, and be ready to forgive imperfection. Don't let your life revolve around greed, hate, drugs, or anything that tears you down, and ones who you love and who love you. When you do lose someone you love, make your regrets as little as possible, so you can remember them fondly and know you did everything in your power to make their life more enjoyable.

Although I still miss my mother immensely, I feel good that I did all I could to help her and to show her how much I cared and loved her.

Anita Butler


Please help keep children safe on Halloween

To the Editor:

Thank you to Gloria Klass, Jana Benham of Barnyard Buddies Pre-School, and Dennis Conaway of the Worthington Police Department for giving out necklaces and bracelets that "glow in the dark" for Halloween.

I deliver food for Main Street Cafe in Worthington, and Friday night it was very difficult to see the kids who were dressed in black. I soon realized that if I looked for the green necklaces and bracelets, that helped me know where the trick-or-treaters were. And there were a lot of them out in Worthington!

Please, parents, if your kids are going to dress in black for Halloween, make sure they have something that "glows" or a flashlight with them so they are visible. The back streets in rural towns are very dark, and young people get excited and don't always pay attention to where they are walking.

One child had to pull his friend out of the street in front of my car. I was stopped, just waiting for the young man to realize I was there.

Please, keep Halloween safe!

Martha Smith