Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fireworks a success because of donations

To the Editor:

The Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their donations for the Bloomfield fireworks:

Frances Creek

Daniel and Carolyn Vandeventer

Red Oliphant

Bloomfield Apple Festival


Bloomfield South Shopping Center

Dwayne and Sharon Allen

Louellen Haldeman

Bloomfield Branch of MainSource Bank

Mike Abrams

Holt Monument Works

Bloomfield State Bank

Delta Theta Tau

Tri Kappa

Bloomfield Odd Fellows Lodge

1st Security Insurance

Bloomfield Manufacturing


Farmers & Mechanics

Bradfield's Landscaping

Mark Barkley

Bloomfield Lions Club

Bloomfield Rotary

Norm Sullivan

Pioneer Seed

Hasler Oil Company

Bloomfield American Legion

Robert and Janice Holt

Dorothy Saliday

QT's Custom Active Wear

Metal Technologies

John Mensch -- fundraising

Doug Frye -- shooting off the fireworks

Skylar Pittman -- fire protection

David Doane -- ambulance service

Bloomfield School District -- use of property

Town of Bloomfield -- blocking the roads

Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce Board -- coordinate event

Jordan Gillenwater, Taylor Helms, and Bloomfield Band Director Alysa Wayman for playing the anthem.

A specials thanks to the local Bloomfield American Legion Post for presenting the colors.

Jenny Crites


Hostettler family appreciates support

To the Editor:

The family of Billy Ed Hostettler wishes to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all who have extended various acts of kindness during the loss of our dear husband, father and grandfather. There are no words to express how grateful we are for the food, cards, and flowers we have received.

Thank you for waiting in a very long line to extend words of comfort, and share with us your "Billy Ed" story. The outpouring of donations to the Scotland Cemetery has been overwhelming ... thank you.

We would like to say a very special thank you to all of our "family" at Jenkins Funeral Home. Dad spent a great deal of time with you, and we know that your loss is as deep as ours. Your love and support has cushioned our pain enormously.

Dad often said that he wasn't afraid to die, but God would have to catch him on the run. That is exactly what happened; he left us doing what he loved ... serving the community he loved so well. He would say to us now, "keep on keeping on." and we will, thanks to Him, the one he served so well.

Mary Ruth Hostettler


Adelia and Gene Miller


Max Hostettler


Cinda and Rich Williams


Robin and Greg Colson

Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Deb and Rob Martindale


Dena and Scott Dobson


and families

Can someone please help Newark Community

To the Editor:

Re: Trash in the Newark Community of Greene County.

I'm not sure whose responsibility it is to control the trashing of the countryside with deserted mobile homes in the community of Newark. Have the Board of Commissioners or County Council not been made aware of the deteriorating conditions around the areas of the old school ground, where the grocery store once stood, and the area off the road going west from Newark? It is not a pretty site, and becoming uglier by the week.

We are no longer property owners there but are sickened with what has happened to the area. Although it appears to me that most people in the community make an attempt to maintain their properties as presentable, a few property owners (bad apples) have caused shameful decay in the areas of Newark mentioned above.

Why are property owners allowed to trash the countryside and subject the surrounding properties to live with the unsightly and even dangerous piles of junk they accumulate? Are there no restrictions disallowing such careless actions? Is it because neighbors do not rise up before it gets out of hand?

Newark needs some government help to get the place cleaned up. Will someone in county government with expertise in these matters please drive to Newark and have a look see?

Cliff Trowbridge