Greene County Court News

Monday, December 14, 2009


John L. Southgate, Jr. to Alicia G. Barnard, property in Greene County

Greene County Student Home Building Corporation to Marjorie L. Lawson, property in Linton


Michael J. Adams, financial responsibility

Michael J. Adams, intersections: approaching from

Larry O. Barber, no federal dot inspection

David C. Barnes, no federal dot inspection

Farah S. Brown, no seat belt fastened

Marlo D. Chilman, speeding

Loren V. Clampitt, expired license plate

Loren V. Clampitt, false or fictitous plates

Loren V. Clampitt, financial responsibility

Richard Cummings, following too closely

Daniel W. Dinkins, expired driver's license

Daniel W. Dinkins, speeding

Franklin J. Gentry, no seat belt fastened

Urban L. Goss, speeding

Stephanie R. Henry, speeding

Darrin S. Hollingsworth, no federal dot inspection

Belinda J. Johnson, speeding

Robert D. Johnson, no seat belt fastened

Blaine J. Laughlin, no seat belt fastened

Adam C. Loehr, speeding

Tylar M. Markle, no seat belt fastened

Gloria L. Marlowe, no seat belt fastened

Gloria L. Marlowe, driving while suspended-infract

Charles B. Montgomery, speeding

Terri M. Morin, speeding

Alan D. Personett, no seat belt fastened

Randy J. Pritchard, speeding

Leah B. Richards, no seat belt fastened

Marilyn D. Sollman, speeding

Luke A. Spencer, no seat belt fastened

Mike D. Sturgeon, expired license plate

Mike D. Sturgeon, no federal dot inspection

Shannon D. Vansant, expired license plate

Darla S. Vaughn, no seat belt fastened