Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Friday, March 12, 2010

To the Editor:

On Friday, March 5, 2010, I read the article "Marsh Madness" in the Greene County Daily World and on Saturday/Sunday, March 6/7, I watched all the vehicles (sometimes in convoy) go by in front of our home.

The point of this letter is that I was embarrassed that these people had to travel over Greene County's horrible (almost impassable) county roads. I wonder if any will ever make a second trip to our wetlands?

Larry J. Conklin


To the Editor:

My name is Mason Cooper, and I am the uncle of Marine Cp. Gregory Stultz, the service man from Brazil who was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan on 2/19/10. I was asked by several members of Greg's family to write this letter of appreciation to the local newspapers and media regarding their coverage of this event and the outpouring of support we have all received from the community.

It is hard to put into words what the family of Greg has been through over the past several weeks. We have never experienced such a roller coaster of emotions in our lives. We all had a constant worry for Greg and for his safety, being an elite recon Marine, as he would be the individual to do the behind-the-scenes work for the military; an extremely dangerous job.

When the family received the word of Greg's passing, it devastated and crushed everyone and sucked the lives out of us all.

Of course, we all questioned a lot of things, which could be expected during such a tragic event. We all asked the obvious "why" questions, and will continue to have questions in the future; but with our faith these questions will be answered. The family all understands that Greg was doing what he wished to do and supported him with that decision once it was made; he was not drafted or forced into his role, he was a volunteer who was doing what was right as he made his family so proud.

The family cannot express enough how appreciative we all are from the outpouring of support from the community. Every news article, every interview, every newscast was so gracious. Every member of the news media from the newspapers, radio and TV, treated Greg's family with compassion. We cannot even begin to mention any groups or individuals who have helped the family over the past several weeks because of the fear of leaving someone out.

From the west central Indiana region, the entire state of Indiana, and all across the nation, support rained in to Greg's family. We had never seen so many unfamiliar faces than we did during that week of events. Living in a small community the family has so many friends and we virtually know everyone in and around Brazil. The family has also made some enemies. The reason that is mentioned is because Greg's family received kindness from those folks as well. It was just so amazing that with Greg's passing, it brought together our community like we have never seen it brought together before. Family, friends, acquaintances, foes, etc. were united during this tragic event and the ceremonies that followed. We never felt so much love, care, and concern than we did during that week. Those same emotions continue today.

People from all around lined the streets of Terre Haute, Seelyville, West Glenn, and Brazil. People we knew, people we did not know giving thanks and paying their respects. People withstood the 20 degree temperatures, standing outside their homes, daycares, schools, employers, etc., to show appreciation. People crying, waving, clapping, and saluting were all witnessed. People in wheelchairs, babies, young and old were out in masses when we brought Greg home from the airport. The same was true for Greg's funeral procession several days later. Greg's name and thoughts showered the town; his picture was in virtually every business on National Ave. and around the region. The family saw no strangers during that week for Greg's memory. We all were family who got and understood IT. We were all family coming together; that is what it is about, small town living in a community that cares.

Thanks again for all the positive coverage and support from all who were involved. All of you help make an unbearable loss more manageable.


Mason Cooper for the Stultz and Cooper families