Greene County Court News

Thursday, March 18, 2010



Laura Sue Weaver v. Mark Allen Weaver, dissolution



State v. Matthew A. Narey, driving while suspended

State v. Dawn Michelle Beeks, operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license


Marvin J. Adams, speeding

Deanna K. Arnold, speeding

Nicole D. Bohnert, no seat belt fastened

Elizabeth A. Briner, speeding

Mark A. Bush, failure to have required signal

Chelsea M. Carmichael, disobedience to official traffic

Richard J. Cash, expired driver's license

Richard J. Cash, speeding

Richard J. Cash, false or fictitous plates

Richard J. Cash, financial responsibility

Christopher A. Cassidy, improperly passing to the left

Kelli J. Christy, speeding

Christopher M. Corbin, no seat belt fastened

Moises E. Cordon, speeding

John G. Danner, driving while suspended-infract

Angela L. Davis, improper passing w/100 ft. bridge

Angela L. Davis, financial responsibility

Theodore F. Deddins, speeding

Christopher L. Delph, no seat belt fastened

Jessica L. Donna, oper un-reg orv on public hwy

Charlotte Douglas, K-9 violation/loose dog/no collar

Zachary J. Dudley, no seat belt fastened

Heather N. Duncan, speeding

Kristopher J. Eberhardt, driving while suspended-infract

David E. Felker, speeding

Reid L. Firestone, no seat belt fastened

Robert L. Flanders, speeding

Allan R. Frye, speeding

Elijah R. Haldeman, driving while suspended-infract

Byron M. Hammond, unsafe start from parked position

Larry J. Hawkins, speeding

James H. Hoepfner, speeding

Kenneth D. Hostetter, no seat belt fastened

Daniel G. Jones, speeding

William D. Jones, no seat belt fastened

Scott A. Lane, speeding

Justin L. Lasman, speeding

Gloria L. Marlowe, disobedience to official traffic

Steven L. Myers, throwing burning material from

Josiah J. Neace, speeding

Clayton M. Neff, stopping at railroad crossings

Amy R. Newland, speeding

Donald G. Pierce, disobedience to official traffic

Terry R. Pierce, disobedience to official traffic

Nicholas L. Roberts, no seat belt fastened

Scott A. Russell, disobedience to official traffic

Jay R. Sherman, speeding

Benjamin A. Sparks, speeding

Tanya J. Sullivan, oper un-reg orv on public hwy

Chelsea L. Thomas, speeding

Jessica N. Thompson, speeding

Randall L. Woods, stopping at railroad crossings

Nicole D. Bohnert, speeding

Fancy N. Bolin, child passenger restraint

Fancy N. Bolin, no seat belt fastened

Maclyn J. Booher, driving while suspended-infract

Jaren E. Butler, speeding

Amber L. Clark, speeding

Glenn A. Coblentz, speeding

Maria V. Colugnatti, disregarding flashing signal

Teresa P. Cook, speeding

Robert S. Cox, no seat belt fastened

Sheri J. Creighton, following too closely

Nancy L. Cross, speeding

Sheena B. Cullison, speeding

Mary A. Currier, speeding

Collin J. Daunhauer, speeding

Shannon M. Delph, false or fictitous plates

Mark A. Doan, speeding

Drew M. Dolick, speeding

Ali C. Eichorst, no seat belt fastened

Donald Evans, speeding

Jared R. Evans, speeding

Nathan E. Fox, no seat belt fastened

James R. Hamilton, child passenger restraint

Adam R. Hill, driving while suspended-infract

Terry L. Hoffman, speeding

Louis C. Huffman, no seat belt fastened

David E. Joseph, speeding

Debra G. Kent, false or fictitous plates

Fred B. King, speeding

Kevin J. Lockhart, obeyance of markings or signs

David L. Lohr, speeding

Manuel Lopez, expired driver's license

Logan R. Mack, speeding

Nancy J. Morgan, expired license plate

Shane L. Osford, no seat belt fastened

Shane C. Padgett, driving while suspended-infract

Jason Patten, speeding

Mark A. Prince, speeding

Brittney Rhodes, no seat belt fastened

Michael E. Robinson, speeding

David E. Rollings, speeding

Matthew D. Russell, driving while suspended-infract

Gloria A. Shields, no seat belt fastened

Angel G. Simmons, speeding

Jeremy R. Smith, speeding

Brittney N. Springer, financial responsibility

Gerald L. Thompson, no seat belt fastened

Luther E. Thweatt, following too closely

James E. Vaughan, no federal dot inspection

Levi N. Wall, no seat belt fastened

Thomas S. Wellington, no seat belt fastened

Kyle L. West, no seat belt fastened

Amanda D. Wheeler, driving while suspended-infract

Sidhu A. William, speeding

Airrion T. Williams, no federal dot inspection

James M. Alsman, improperly passing to the right

Jerri S. Anderson, speeding

Tabitha A. Apple, speeding

Christopher A. Bailey, speeding

Bruce G. Becker, speeding

Dawn M. Beeks, following too closely

Justin R. Bovenschen, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Andrew W. Branson, no federal dot inspection

Eddie J. Brown, speeding

Mark A. Bush, failure to have require signal

Elaine A. Carpenter, following too closely

Daniel H. Combess, speeding

Christopher M. Corbin, disregarding automatic signal

Thomas D. Callum, obeyance of markings or signs

Kimberly D. Davis, driving while suspended-infract

Kimberly D. Davis, disregarding automatic signal

Paul E. Day, no or improper headlight

Dale H. Dexter, speeding

Steven P. Dugan, speeding

Travis W. Elliott, speeding

Jordan S. Evans, speeding

Christina H. Fines, open container

Brian M. Freese, speeding

Nathan Gehlhausen, speeding

Kela L. Gilham, following too closely

Tate R. Graves, speeding

Bill J. Haas, speeding

David C. Haehnle, speeding

Jeremy D. Haldeman, speeding

Tammy L. Hamburg, following too closely

Jennifer A. Harper, no seat belt fastened

Melinda E. Hart, speeding

Ashley N. Hartley, following too closely

Jack E. Hawkins, no federal dot inspection

Jack E. Hawkins, no federal dot inspection

Jessica M. Hess, speeding

David L. Hestand, speeding

Preston Holycross, speeding

Cary W. Johnson, speeding

Jason T. Kahl, speeding

Reza M. Karim, speeding

Jon R. Knauss, speeding

Amanda M. Kobus, speeding

Dustin A. Krantz, speeding

Shawnte L. Long, following too closely

Fred S. Malkowski, speeding

Kathy A. McCutheon, financial responsibility

Kathy A. McCutcheon, false or fictitous plates

Kathy A. McCutcheon, driving while suspended-infract

Everado A. Mora, speeding

Kassandra L. Mortimer, speeding

Jamie L. Myers, speeding

Joshua L. Overton, speeding

Jennifer L. Padgett, expired driver's license

Kevin C. Passen, speeding

Solomon Pate, driving while suspended

Jeremiah J. Robbenolt, speeding

David R. Sayers, no seat belt fastened

Joshua L. Sevier, speeding

Mary R. Souders, no seat belt fastened

Colten S. Stanton, speeding

Ryan M. Street, speeding

Lee M. Stremming, expired license plate

Theresa D. Tuggle, speeding

Scott V. Underwood, speeding

Gayle G. Urban, driving while suspended

Shaun Volle, no seat belt fastened

Jody J. Weber, speeding

Larry E. Wheeler, speeding

Benjamin G. Williams, obeyance or markings or signs

Dustin A. Wilson, driving while suspended

Dustin A. Wilson, no seat belt fastened

Michael C. Wilson, speeding


Citibank v. Steven Romine, aka Steven E. Romine or Steven Eugene Romine, collection


William Franklin Crites and Martha Joan Crites to Jason Richard Crites and Christy Ann Crites, property in Greene County

Roger E. Wise as successor trustee of the Wise Family Living Trust to Michael E. Farmwald and Freida D. Farmwald, property in Greene County