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Letters to the Editor

Monday, October 24, 2011

Go to web to learn about your neighborhood

To the Editor:

Concerned citizens of Greene County:

With Halloween right around the corner, it is crucial that you know which houses your children should avoid when trick or treating.

I invite you to view the Greene County Sheriff's Department's website at www.greenecosd.org and research neighborhoods and addresses that are important to you, and register to receive email notifications on registered sex offenders within proximity of these addresses.

The most beneficial aspect of the address-monitoring feature is that once your important addresses and email addresses have been registered, the system will automatically alert you via email when an offender moves within a specific radius of the registered address.

Register any and all addresses where your children spend a lot of time; for example, friends, grandparent's or babysitter's addresses.

Registering for this confidential email alert service allows us to monitor your important addresses for you, thereby keeping you up to date of newly registered offenders and making it unnecessary for you to have to check these addresses daily or even weekly.

While visiting our website you can also view and print important safety tips to review with your children.

The email notifications and discussing the various safety tips helps increase awareness.

It is the goal of our office to provide accurate information to the public regarding the dangers of sexual predators, and to further build community awareness.

"Community notification" empowers you with the knowledge that can be used to protect yourself and your family from becoming victims. I firmly believe that the more educated and aware a community is of what and where dangers lurk, the more success we have with our community notification program.

Happy Halloween.

Sheriff Terry Pierce


Family says thank you for recent support

To the Editor:

The family of David Branstetter wishes to thank each one who remembered us in prayer, with cards, visits, phone calls, food and flowers.

We especially appreciate the Rev. David Tyra, Katie and Max Slough, Darlene and Dale Padgett, Anne and Warren Strietelmeier, Charlene and Pete Halstead, Bonnie and Phil Herndon, Kim and Danny Todd, Lori and Scott Thombleson, Linton-Stockton High School class of 1978, LHS Class of 1958, the Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Adams, The First Baptist Church, and Todd Walton of Welch & Cornett.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all who supported us with your love and prayers during David's passing.

Thank you.

Luanne and Jerry Bellamy


Barbara Branstetter and Lisa, Lana and Laura and families

New Mexico

Debbie and Randy Hawley


Trackside maintenance needed on C.R. 1375W

To the Editor:

I am writing to inform everyone who travels west of Linton on County Road 1375W of a coming hazardous situation at the railroad crossing at the Indiana Railroad Company.

The railroad company recently did a much needed crossing repair at that location as part of a system upgrade and we need to thank them for that, but there is more work needed at that crossing.

The Indiana railroad company has issued a warning that train speeds between Dugger and Switz City are going to increase from 10 mph to 40 mph on this entire route before the end of the year. That creates a serious problem at that crossing. There is a thick growth of trees and brush that prevents motorists from seeing far enough down the tracks in both directions to safely negotiate that crossing with trains traveling at that speed.

Whoever is responsible for the trackside maintenance should be notified immediately to remove this growth before an accident occurs at that location or else a crossing gate with flashing lights should be installed.

I'm a concerned resident in that area and user of that road.

Thomas A. Thompson