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Letters to the Editor

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thank you Linton football team

To the Editor:

Another Linton-Stockton High School football season has ended. A magnificent season it was. As a Miner fan I know I speak for many others when I express my gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and dedication that the coaches and young men have put forth these past many weeks.

The enjoyment I and hundreds of others get from being a part of these football seasons is incalculable. From attending the games and replaying past games over morning coffee at McDonald's, and participating in on-line forum discussions on the Internet, many fans are intimately involved in the games.

Football is more than a mere seasonal high school sport in Linton. It is a part of the culture of our town. Young athletes have been competing on that same little patch of earth for well over a 100 years. This year's team was one of our very best and another great group of seniors will now become a select group of former Linton-Stockton High School football players. That prospect probably doesn't mean much to the young guys now but it will mean something in years down the road.

I have a good friend who was an outstanding Linton player years ago. He no longer lives in Linton but when he visits we talk about the games and he remembers nearly every detail of the games in which he played, and those games were more than 60 years ago. So I say to the young players, don't take lightly the privilege you have in being a Linton Miner football player. Today, little kids playing football in their back yards are pretending to be Austin Karazsia, Koye Kaiser, or another favorite Miner hero.

I may not still be around to see them run out onto the field at a future Miner game, but the tradition will continue.

Every Linton home game is a special event with an outstanding band to provide added excitement to the atmosphere at which visiting teams can only marvel. As a former band member, I appreciate the outstanding job these young musicians do. None of the other schools we visit even come close to the appearance and performance of the Linton band. I say thank you to Mr. Puckett and the Linton High School band.

So another great football season has ended. Not quite as everyone had hoped but a great season nonetheless. I'm sure coach Weber and his staff are already thinking about next year.

The morning football discussions at McDonald's will be less intense for a while. Fifteen straight weeks of football going back to the scrimmage with Cloverdale is a long season from blistering heat to bitter cold. It went awfully fast, though, and I'm sad to see it end.

Thank you, coaches, players managers, band, cheerleaders, and yes, fellow fans for another great Linton-Stockton High School football season.

Rex Tuttle


Byers family appreciates support

To the Editor:

The family of Walter Byers wishes to thank all for their acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy during the recent passing of their husband, father and grandfather.

Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Hilda Byers


Larry Byers and family


Maurice Byers and family


Janet Byers