Court News

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Court News


Joseph T. Langley, 22, Clay City, Level 6 felony impersonation of a law enforcement officer

Venessa G. Watson, 26, Terre Haute, Level 6 felony theft; Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass

Donald L. Weaver Jr., 47, Linton, Class A misdemeanor conversion

Jimmy L. England, 43, Lyons, Class A misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Verastein Woodget II, 20, Indianapolis, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Kevin Lee Corns, 32, Linton, Level 5 felony failure to register as a sex or violent offender

Lisa Jean Archer, 32 Lyons, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine; Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Michael S. Morin, 39, Linton, Level 6 felony domestic battery committed in the presence of a child under 16

Michael J. Delp, 36, Jasonville, Level 6 felony resisting law enforcement; Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Casey M. Carver, 25, Clay City, Class A misdemeanor theft

Matthew T. Niehaus, 33, Valparaiso, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Michael Delp, 36, Jasonville, Class B misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident

Rex C. Smith, 31, Freedom, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended


Lois M Butts, Jasonville and Wesley Wilbur Harris, Jasonville

Lois M Butts, Jasonville and Heather D. Reeves, Linton

Misti York, Jasonvile and Michael Delph, Bloomfield


Donald L. Borders Jr vs Brian Nash and Terri Nash

Donald L. Borders Jr vs Jamie L. Reed

Wendi Burks vs Robert Hauck

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs David Cole

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs Cheryl Patton

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs Mandy Blais

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs Julie K. Bell

Capital One Bank vs Phyllis J. Merriman

Capital One Bank vs Angela D. Jerrell

Midland Funding vs Betty Dillingham

Midland Funding vs Jessica Hert


Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs Carolyn Young

Capital One Bank vs Robert H. Merriman

Capital One Bank vs Penny B. Bradley

Capital One Bank vs Malisa J. James

Capital One Bank vs Jeff R. Adams

Capital One Bank vs Joshua L. Ross

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs Marsha Wood

Capital One Bank vs Tracy E. Hancock

Capital One Bank vs Victoria K. Ellison

Capital One Bank vs Kimberly K. Anderson

Capital One Bank vs Diana D. Rollins

Capital One Bank vs Birgitte Nichols

Capital One Bank vs Robert Boldrey

Capital One Bank vs William T. Roberts

Capital One Bank vs Tracy S. Hewett

Capital One Bank vs Angela Hewett

Capital One Bank vs Monica Glaspie

Capital One Bank vs Christopher A. Gibson

Capital One Bank vs Eve B. Sparks

Capital One Bank vs Jodie S. Brooking

Capital One Bank vs Denise L. Gilbert


April Dawn Schultz, Bloomfield and David William Schultz, Bloomfield

Tabitha L. Lumm, Switz City and Jesse R. Lumm II, Newberry

Earl L. Gardner III, Lyons and Sonya J. Gardner, Lyons


Casey A. Lynch, 45, Indianapolis, expired plates

Jerry D. Mullis, 54, Worthington, failure of driver to use safety belt

Wilbur K. Harrison, 69, Bedford, speeding

Long D. Edward, 42, no valid drivers license

Marcelis L. Branch, 24, Homestead FL, speeding

Lawrence H. Elderkin, 50, Evansville, speeding

Justin G. Hardy, 18, Solsberry, speeding

Richard T. Gamble III, 22, Worthington, speeding

Jaquelyn O. Bernard, 20, Jasonville, driving while suspended

Marvin D. Campbell, 61, Bloomington, speeding

Katherine R. Simons, 33, Bloomington, speeding

Gary L. Milhoan, 54, Solsberry, speeding

Daniel S. Perry, 46, Franklin, failure to register

Kimbra N. Graber, 18, Montgomery, speeding

Quintin T. Keller, 36, Jasonville, speeding

Lisa Lee Resler, 40, Worthington, failure to obey traffic control device

John Heaton 64, Newburgh, speeding

Ryan D. Murphy, 30, Vincennes, safety belt violation

Misty Dawn Yeryar, 40, Jasonville, speeding

Max D. Saltzman, 18, Atlanta GA, speeding

George R. Fisher, 66, Linton, disregarding an official traffic control device

Lester W. Smith, 63, Bloomington, failure to register under unified carrier system

Brandi N. Rose Beard, 29, Evansville, speeding

Barbara A. Barksdale, 26, Indianapolis, speeding

Thad O. Foote, 48, Spencer, failure to register under unified carrier system

Benjamin Bendetti Jr., 76, Newburgh, speeding

Laci H. Scourfield, 34, Zionsville, speeding

Ami M. Nunemaker, 43, Huntington, speeding

Cooper R. Richman, 22, Bellmore NY, speeding

Ashleigh E. Kester, 31, Indianapolis, speeding

William D. Acker III, Oxnard CA, speeding

Thad Foote, 48, Spencer, disregarding an official traffic control device

De Loen R. Jose Manuel, 38, Evansville, speeding

Casey J. Norris, 17, Bloomfield, speeding

Colin J. Murphy, 21, Glen Ellen IL, speeding