Letter to the Editor

LETTER: Locals came to the rescue

Monday, January 13, 2020

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express thanks to some Good Samaritans in your area.

On Dec. 27, we were off-roading at Redbird State Recreation Area and got stuck in the mud late in the day. We tried everything, but couldnít get out. The office at Redbird was closed and it was getting dark and cold. We were two hours from home and didnít know what to do.

I called the Linton Police and they gave us phone numbers of towing companies. No one was able to come help. When I called Lakeside Body Shop I spoke to Mark Vest. He said he didnít have the right equipment to get us out but he said heíd try to get help.

Mark posted on Facebook that we were stuck and he checked back on us just as we were heading for the road to try to get help. He ended up coming to find us and was going to get us to a hotel. He kindly let us warm up in his truck.

Two other Good Samaritans showed up in a jeep and ended up pulling us out! We think they had seen Markís post on Facebook. We didnít get their names but they were amazing!

We also got a phone call from someone that lives close to Redbird offering to help. This was a scary situation but we are so thankful to Mark Vest and the others that came to our rescue! You are lucky to have them in your community. A big thank you to them all!

Julia Federle

Columbus, Ind.