Letter to the Editor

'We have met the enemy and it is us'

Monday, January 28, 2008

To the Editor:

Thirty-five years have passed since Roe v Wade became law. Forty percent of these babies, who were sacrificed for convenience, would now be finished with college and be in the work force. They would be consumers, pay taxes and many would be buying houses.

The experts tell us that the housing slump is responsible for our economic down turn. Perhaps our erudite politicians out-smarted themselves again.

The NAFTA agreement opened our borders to let our industrial power leak out and our jobs fly south. Illegal aliens, not immigrants, poured through the open border and came north, flooding our country with millions of people in search of jobs, that flew south. We are too smart for our own good.

"We have met the enemy and it is us."

Maybe our generous government would remove the patent protection from companies that manufacture more than 30 percent of their product outside this country, their competitors could manufacture these products here and create more jobs. Worth speaking to your congressman about.

The social track these politicians are taking is "cooking the goose, that lays the Golden Eggs." A strong industrial and economic American means a strong Free World. Diminishing Americans is a giant leap backwards. If they want to level the playing field, let them adopt our system and compete instead of giving us a burdensome handicap.

"C'Mon America," wake up.

Thanks for listening.

Robert M. Weyer