Letter to the Editor

Family grateful for help following tornado

Friday, February 15, 2008

To the Editor:

The Jeff Coffey family would like to thank the following people for the constant outpouring of love and support during the aftermath of the tornado that struck our property on the evening of Feb. 5.

We realize this list is lengthy and we almost didn't list individual names but we wanted those listed and others to know who you are and how grateful we are to each and everyone of you.

Please accept our sincere apologies if we have left anyone out. God bless you all!

First and foremost we want to thank the Good Lord above for keeping us all safe and bringing us closer to the family and friends that responded.

Thank you to:

Bob and Sharon Coffey

Jr. and Karen LeCocq

Joe and Reta Frye, they have been a true blessing in so many ways.

Chad Strange

Rich Walls Construction Company for the quick response of tarping our roof and the multiple daily check-ins to see if we needed anything and the timely estimate for repairs for the insurance company.

David Harshman

Henry Mann and Faith Christian Church

Steve Harp

Dave Myers

Lori Byers

Susan Perkins

Lisa Mumma

Jenny Waggoner

Jay and Shani Brown

Chris Corbin

Julie Jones

Ed Michael and the multiple fire and police personnel who came to check on us Tuesday evening

REMC for the quick response in getting power restored on Wednesday

Insight/Comcast for their quick response in getting our cable and Internet restored

Sally Markam and SAIC

Jackie Goad

Darren Julian

Cliff Dunn

Warren Bartlett

Red Cross volunteers

Kevin Jackson

Sherry and Scott Hollars

Jim Gerni

Reeds Remodeling and Renovation for hauling off most of the debris free of charge

Jason Rader

Darrin, Steven and Austin Bond

Ted, Angie, Ashleigh and Justin Hardy

Heather Allen

Jim and Judy Miller

Gene Conway

Sam, Janet and Lisa Myers

And those who took time off work and away from their families to clean up the debris, we are forever grateful

Dave Schantz

Robert Fish

Ricky Templeton

Aaron Quakenbush

Max Smith

Tyson Albright

Patsy Hardesty

Michael Martin

Ryan Rehmel

Mark Walton

Al Beasley and Brion May for the monetary donation, we are forever grateful.

Jeff and Marnie Coffey