Letter to the Editor

Bloomfield family thankful for help following tornado

Friday, February 22, 2008

To the Editor:

Thanks from the Girton family for help after the tornado.

First I would like to give thanks to God for protecting me and my husband from flying glass and other things.

I want to give Mike Johnson from the Bloomfield Free Press special thanks for being first at our house and my neighbor Kristi Parkes to see if we were OK, and all the volunteers from the city of Linton and surrounding towns who helped remove the trees from the road and working all night in the rain and cold.

The Red Cross and the Pepperoni Grill for all their help with food and coffee, and I'd also would like to thank Evan Dyer and the others who helped prepare the food:

The Bloomfield Chamber

Josh and Tammy Harrell

Sam and Sammy Dayhoff

Lavada Mullis

Connie Baker

Allison Gibson

Pastor Davy Dyer

All the ones who called and offered their help and forgive me if I have forgotten anyone, so thanks to all who called and helped.

Chris and Fenton D. Girton