Letter to the Editor

Greene County needs to change too

Monday, June 9, 2008

To the Editor:

I'd like to find out when all of Greene County will receive the new 911 addresses.

Our county commissioners hired a company for the sum of $85,000 and we are yet to get the new addresses. This company informed the commissioners that it would take up to a year, well the year has come and gone and so has the months this company has said to expect them. I feel our commissioners start things and forgets at times what they started and paid for with our monies.

Another topic I am angered about is the so called Wheel Tax. The past two years we have not had any new roads and now we are in year three. I also feel that when our county does get ready to do new roads, they should be put in our local papers for our information so we may go and inspect to make sure our money is being used for what its intended.

I also feel that the so called Wheel Tax should be put on voting ballots for us to decide if we want it or not. If roads are not being done every year with the amount of money collected for this tax, I feel this tax should be dropped in a second. We pay enough in sales tax and other taxes to help with roads and now we pay a wheel tax and yet no new roads, very ironic I say.

We've heard on TV, America needs a change, well Greene County needs a change also. So please vote this November!

Tony Bradley