Greene County Court News

Wednesday, September 3, 2008



State v. Mark D. Kaiser, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person with a prior conviction, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a prior conviction,

State v. Darrell R. White, invasion of privacy

State v. Tony L. Gardner, theft

State v. Tamara S. Marsh, invasion of privacy


Patti Jo White v. Darrell R. White, dissolution

Jerry Hardisty and Janet Hardisty v. John Penick and Theresa Penick, complaint


Allen W. Adair, no federal DOT inspection

Michael T. Adkins, no federal DOT inspection

April C. Alvarado, lights

Martin L. Bales, no federal DOT inspection

Robert C. Bartley, speeding

Richard D. Barton, expired driver's license

Russell D. Beckner, following too closely

Cherie R. Bennett, speeding

Jerry L. Bennett, no federal DOT inspection

Philip A. Binkley, speeding

Douglas L. Brenton, speeding

Kenneth R. Brinkman, speeding

Jonathan L. Brosmer, following too closely

Kathy S. Brown, speeding

Christopher L. Buntain, speeding

Craig W. Cassidy, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Leslie L. Clayton, no seat belt fastened

Clayton H. Collins, speeding

Kimberly S. Collins, speeding

Michael P. Corbett, speeding

Brian S. Davidson, child passenger restraint

Laramy K. Dayoff, speeding

Tamie L. Duncan, speeding

Crystal D. Elkins, speeding

Joni L. Ellis, disobedience to official traffic device

Joni L. Ellis, no seat belt fastened

Samantha L. Ellis, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Charles W. English, speeding

Ronald A. Everroad, speeding

Dennis M. Farkas, speeding

Jeffrey S. Franklin, registration and license plates

Terry L. Franks, false or ficitious plates

Christopher M. Gasser, obeyance of markings or signs

Debbie A. Harvey, no seat belt fastened

Loni J. Head, speeding

Chad A. Helms, no federal DOT inspection

Rebekah E. Herndon, speeding

Raymond A. Holder, no federal DOT inspection

Steven W. Howell, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Robert L. Hughes, following too closely

Jane M. Jackson, speeding

Kathleen Jerrell, no seat belt fastened

Janice S. Jessup, leaky load

Christopher B. Jones, speeding

Dustin J. Junkin, speeding

Robert L. Kasper, oper un-authorized area on orv

Ryan D. Keller, driving while suspended-infraction

Shadow L. Kendall, driving while suspended-infraction

Jonathon D. Kirkman, no seat belt fastened

James W. Kissiar, speeding

Sheryl R. Lackey, speeding

Michael R. Lamoureux, speeding

Sara M. Langley, speeding

Raymond L. Lemasters, child passenger restraint

Kathryn C. Lilly, speeding

Lisa A. Logsdon, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Lindsey E. Long, speeding

Vikas Malhotra, speeding

Roger L. Matthews, driving while suspended-infraction

Jacob F. McClane, speeding

Ladonna M. Miller, speeding

Jenna L. Mitchell, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Daniel K. Moffett, no seat belt fastened

Eileen C. Obanion, no seat belt fastened

Elizabeth A. Obannon, no seat belt fastened

John M. Osborne, failure to yield to emergency vehicle

Bruce E. Rathbun, speeding

Wiliam A. Raybern, no seat belt fastened

Steven B. Reed, speeding

Mrk A. Roberts, stopping at railroad crossings

Ted C. Robertson, speeding

Lucas M. Rudisill, speeding

Amber L. Scales, driving while suspended-infraction

Peter F. Schmitt, no federal DOT inspection

Helen R. Seirp, speeding

Amanda L. Singleton, no seat belt fastened

Robert L. Sipes, speeding

Brian C. Staley, oper un-authorized area on orv

Gary D. Stevenson, no seat belt fastened

Daniel J. Stone, speeding

Isaach J. Stone, no seat belt fastened

Andrew J. Storm, operating orv without registration

Gary D. Sturgeon, violation of license plate transfer

Jennifer R. Suthard, speed to fast/unreasonable speed

Jonathan M. Tapley, no federal DOT inspection

April N. Thompson, obeyance of markings or signs

Tyler R. Turley, operating orv without registration

Sherry L. Wade, driving while suspended-infraction

Sherry L. Wade, false or ficitious plates

Amanda M. Watson, speeding

Marvin A. Weaver, no seat belt fastened

David Wever, no federal DOT inspection

Jordan W. White, violation of window tint

Judy K. White, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Scott J. Williams, no seat belt fastened

Scarlett A. Wisener, following too closely

Robert M. Wollam, operating orv wihout registration

Brian S. Woods, speeding

Roy R. Yeager, speeding

Nathan D. Zimmerman, speed too fast/unreasonable speed