Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Friday, October 3, 2008

What happened to

making things easy?

To the Editor:

OK, we are holding on to the phone, trying to get a live person at the food stamp office in Terre Haute. Twenty minutes later, a voice comes on to say "we are having a high volume of calls at this time please call back at another time." Then you call again and again.

You finally talk to a live person, and then you are told someone will call you to set up a two part re-evaluation process at a certain date and time. You have to be there regardless of work or whatever. If you're lucky they call you on time.

After this process you send in the paperwork. It is even more confusing than it has ever been. Also this is the same office you get some of your medical help. Also, you can get on your computer (assuming everyone has one and knows how to use one) to contact their office.

Can you imagine the disabled and elderly going through this? What happened to making things easier, faster in this new program? Maybe, it is saving the state money by not having an office in Greene County, I do not know! Maybe they are understaffed there ... who knows maybe they want us to give up calling. They need to make some changes for the better that I do know.

Linda Bennett