Greene County Court News

Friday, October 10, 2008



State v. Adam R. Hill, auto theft, auto theft with a previous conviction of auto theft


American Acceptance Company LLC v. Buddy Devol, collection

Regions Bank v. James Wicker, Diana L. Wicker and Beneficial Indiana, mortgage foreclosure

Deborah L. Pegg v. John D. Pegg, dissolution

Midland Funding LLC v. Larry D. Grounds, collection

Palisades Collection LLC v. Annie M. McKee, collection

Palisades Collection LLC v. Doris A. Colvin, collection



State v. Cynthia May, check deception

State v. Alcide W. Dagley, battery, disorderly conduct


Debra Moore to Harold Barton, Jr. and Rosella A. Barton, property in Linton

Sara Mowery to Robert R. Mowery, property in Greene County

Terry L. Myers and Connie J. Myers to Amanda Lynn Cosley, property in Owensburg

Dean Pierce, Jane Passen, Steven Pierce and James Gentry to Michael W. Gentry, property in Linton

Dean Pierce, Jane Passen, Steven Pierce and James Gentry to Michael W. Gentry, property in Linton

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to U.S. Bank National Association, property in Greene County

Connie J. Divine to Violet M. Tally, property in Greene County

Levi Duncan and Cassandra Duncan to Gregory S. Ford and Cassandra W. Ford, property in Linton


Kesha D. Adams, speeding

April R. Ascherman, driving while suspended

Perry L. Ausman, no seat belt fastened

Roger N. Ballew, no seat belt fastened

Dustan A. Batchelor, speeding

Jamee K. Beard, speeding

Doyle W. Bittle, speeding

Mary R. Bland, no seat belt fastened

David R. Boblitt, speeding

Breanna K. Booher, speeding

Anthony L. Bowers, speeding

Andrew J. Bowlds, speeding

Bryan W. Brinson, speeding

Kirby D. Bruce, no seat belt fastened

Kirby D. Bruce, child passenger restraint

Kirby D. Bruce, false or ficitious plates

Roger C. Brummett, op un-reg orv on public hwy

Terry L. Buster, speeding

Ethan S. Calahan, failure to yield right-of-way

Amy L. Chapman, no seat belt fastened

Kaitlin N. Cliff, speeding

Mark A. Collins, no seat belt fastened

Brittany N. Copollo, speeding

Adam K. Cox, speeding

Ethan I. Crites, possession of tobacco

Marsha J. Daniels, speed too fast/unreasonable sp

Joshua D. Divine, littering

Paul Q. Dundon, no federal DOT inspection

Carolyn J. Earle, speeding

Jimmy L. Erdly, speed too fast/unreasonable sp

Mallory L. Ferree, speeding

Bradley R. Fiscus, speeding

Luke Fitzpatrick, expiration and renewal of driv

Terry L. Fry, child passenger restraint

Marshall L. German, no seat belt fastened

David Graber, no federal DOT inspection

Mark A. Greathouse, speeding

Landon D. Goomer, no seat belt fastened

Adam B. Hacker, no seat belt fastened

Marily F. Hadley, no seat belt fastened

Jordan A. Hamke, speeding

Jordan A. Hamke, no seat belt fastened

James B. Hampton, no seat belt fastened

James B. Hampton, speeding

Linda L. Hauck, following too closely

Steven M. Hockemeyer, speeding

Michelle L. Horton, expired license plate

Jason A. Howder, speed too fast/unreasonable sp

Jane E. Hughes, speeding

Jordan B. Jackson, expired license plate

Janet K. James, speeding

Timothy W. Johnson, speed too fast/unreasonable sp

Cress H. Kimbrough, no federal DOT inspection

Kevin P. Kruckeber, speeding

Rodney E. Lamb, no seat belt fastened

Charly D. Land, no seat belt fastened

Charly D. Land, throwing burning material from

Jerry L. Lane, no seat belt fastened

Lesley D. Langlet, no seat belt fastened

Lesley D. Langley, drving while suspended-infrac

Eddie D. Long, speeding

Jessica E. Looker, speeding

Joseph M. Lyden, speeding

Gerald E. Lynch, following too closely

David A. Mayes, following too closely

Kevin R. McGee, no federal DOT inspection

Cheri L. McKinley, no seat belt fastened

Cheri L. McKinley, child passenger restraint

James L. Miles, speeding

Steven D. Miller, no seat belt fastened

Donald A. Montgomery, speeding

Justin T. Moore, failure to yield to emergency

Sean Murdock, financial responsibility

Tamara E. Newland, no seat belt fastened

Adam W. Noel, no seat belt fastened

Sarah Jo Noel, speeding

Angela J. Norris, no seat belt fastened

Lukas L. Palmer, no seat belt fastened

Lukas L. Palmer, driving on wrong side of road

Mary C. Polk, expired license plate

Toni M. Polmanter, driving while suspended-infrac

Krystal N. Raisor, speeding

Michael J. Reed, no seat belt fastened

Noel J. Reeker, speeding

Kris E. Rehmel, expired license plate

Morgan D. Richhart, speeding

Sara E. Richmond, no seat belt fastened

John R. Rys, failure to register motorboat

Ryan D. Schilling, speeding

Harold E. Secrest, op un-authorized area on orv

Dana N. Sims, slowing down, turning from dir

Dana N. Sims, driving on wrong side of road

David J. Sizemore, no seat belt fastened

Joe A. Southwood, speeding

Steven B. Stout, no seat belt fastened

Enos J. Stutzman, no federal DOT inspection

Thomas M. Turner, speeding

Ronald K. Vandeventer, oper un-authorized area on orv

Ron D. Weddle, speeding

Matthew S. West, driving while suspended-infrac

Morgan M. White, speeding

David N. Williams, speeding

Robert E. Williams, speeding

James G. Workman, no seat belt fastened

Rosalina Alicea, driving while suspended-infraction

Rosalina V. Alicea, speeding

Rosalina V. Alicea, speeding

Ashly L. Armes, speeding

April R. Ascherman, driving while suspended-infraction

Linda Begley, disobedience to official traffic

Eric R. Berg, no federal dot inspection

Cassandra L. Blatz, speeding

Jason A. Bridgewater, violation of license plate transfer

Carol A. Brisentine, false or fictitious plates

Chad A. Brown, driving while suspended-infraction

Charles R. Brummett, driving while suspended-infraction

Justin D. Burnette, speeding

Nicholas A. Butcher, no seat belt fastened

William T. Cain, no seat belt fastened

Teresa A. Camden, following too closely

Brandy N. Camp, speeding

Brandy N. Camp, obeyance of markings or signs

Derek R. Catheart, speeding

Charly N. Cliver, speeding

John P. Coleman, no seat belt fastened

Lynn A. Connors-Smith, speeding

Lyndsay C. Cornett, speeding

Robert J. Cox, no seat belt fastened

Crystal L. Curnett, driving while suspended-infraction

Rogier Donker, speeding

Erik Doten, speeding

Laura L. Dyer, speeding

Peggy S. Grider, false or fictitious plates

Peggy S. Grider, financial responsibility

Matthew Hagen, speeding

Matthew J. Hagen, false or fictitious plates

Mark A. Haskins, speeding

Joseph R. Hooker, speeding

Chris A. Howell, speeding

Peng Hu, speeding

Peter M. Jerrell, speeding

Nancy M. Knochel, speeding

Jeffrey D. Kovaleski, obeyance of markings or signs

John D. Landis, no seat belt fastened

Yi D Liu, speeding

Lloyd G. McDonald, no seat belt fastened

Heather McKinely, speeding

John R. Mehringer speeding

Brittney M. Misner, speeding

Jessica L. Nelson, driving while suspended-infraction

Elizabeth C. Nifong, speeding

Alex R. Oliver, expired driver's license

Nelson F. Oliver, financial responsibility

Shane C. Padgett, speeding

Lisa L. Patton, speeding

Jason S. Perkins, speeding

Jerry L. Pierce, speeding

Kelly T. Pringle, speeding

Tyler N. Roell, no seat belt fastened

Michael A. Rogers, possession of tobacco

Mary L. Russo, stop signs at intersections

Leon D. Sigler, speeding

Kenneth E. Smith, expired license plate

Kenneth E. Smith, no federal dot inspection

Samantha N. Stefancik, speeding

Hannah Terry, speeding

Brian W. Thomas, speeding

Andrew N. Vandivier, speeding

Kevin D. Wall, speeding

Andrew E. Watson, speeding

Hubert L. Wilkins, speeding

Hongxi, Yin, speeding