Greene County Court News

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



State v. Kimberly A. Southern, neglect of a dependent, compulsory school attendance violation


United States of America acting through Rural Housing Services v. Leslie D. Goodman, deceased, and his heirs-at-law, devisees, legatees, descendants, personal representatives, executors, trustees and Aiqua Clear Systems Inc., mortgage foreclosure

Capital One Bank (USA) v. Catherine I. Blackford, collection



State v. Christopher J. Jarman, check deception


Nikki L. Stanton v. Heath A. Stanton, dissolution

Mainsource Bank v. Linda Mowery, Rick L. Mowery, and American Acceptance Company LLC, mortgage foreclosure


Bloomfield State Bank v. Paula Kay Terrell, account

Mary K. Lehman, Samuel R. Lehman v. Edward Chadwick, Angela Bailey and unknown occupants, claim for possession

Jacob N. Thatcher dba Node 1 Technology v. Tommie Dudley, account


Shane L. Albertson, speeding

Christen C. Alexander, improperly passing to the left

Kerry W. Autrey, speeding

Paul D. Bangert, speeding

Margaret A. Barkocy, speeding

Jeffrey A. Boruff, speeding

Lawrence F. Bradbury, speeding

Marvin J. Brames, speeding

Dana H. Brewer, no seat belt fastened

Jerome K. Browning, speeding

Carolyn S. Burgess, speeding

Kathryn S. Byrd, speeding

Kevin D. Carey, speeding

David L. Clark, speeding

Terry L. Clark, no seat belt fastened

Neil A. Coker, no seat belt fastened

Jose I. Contreras, speeding

Ryan L. Cooper, speeding

Amanda L. Cosby, speeding

Steven E. Cox, speeding

John R. Cummings, no seat belt fastened

John R. Cummings, throwing burning material from

Timothy D. Davis, no seat belt fastened

Timothy D. Davis, speeding

Bernard A. Doane, speeding

Paul D. Downer, speeding

William G. Edge, no registration plate

Misty D. Eslinger, no seat belt fastened

Patrick W. Euriga, speeding

Patrick L. Faires, no federal dot inspection

James B. Farr, speeding

Ryan J. Flora, speeding

Pamela J. Gagnon, speeding

Antony T. Gichuki, no federal dot inspection

Douglas J. Gilleland, no federal dot inspection

Michael L. Gilreath, possession of tobacco

Ashley E. Graber, following too closely

Brok r. Haines, no seat belt fastened

Roger R. Hammer, no seat belt fastened

Roger R. Hammer, child passenger restraint

Stephanie J. Hart, speeding

Jonathan W. Haskell, speeding

Amy G. Hayes, speeding

Nathaniel T. Heim, speeding

Martin J. Hoevel, speeding

Martin J. Hoevel, no seat belt fastened

Robert D. Holmes, no seat belt fastened

Dylan Holtsclaw, possession of tobacco

Ricky D. Horton, no seat belt fastened

Brandy R. Hoskins, following too closely

Kimberly L. Hudson, speeding

Nicholas f. Hughes, no seat belt fastened

Sarah S. Humble, following too closely

Gregory A. James, no federal dot inspection

Robert J. James, speeding

Britney R. Ketchem, speeding

Timothy A. King, speeding

Robert N. Kust, speeding

Michael L. Lake, speeding

Qiang P. Li, no federal dot inspection

Kristianne A. May, no seat belt fastened

Ryan R. May, speeding

Sandra S. Mead, speeding

Mary M. Meckert, speeding

Josiah W. Miller, speeding

Ronald M. Mitchell, no seat belt fastened

Ronald M. Mitchell, speeding

Elizabeth M. Morse, speeding

Hollli O. Murrie, no seat belt fastened

Leroy E. Nail, no seat belt fastened

Tracy M. Nail, driving while suspended-infraction

Tiane L. Ohl, speeding

Jacob D. Parrish, speeding

Steven L Patterson, following too closely

Jayden Pemberton, possession of tobacco

John A. Pennick, no registration plate

Merle M. Pigg, obeyance of markings or signs

Nicholas J. Plassman, speeding

Gabriel L. Puett, no federal dot inspection

Brenda K. Ramsey, speeding

Jodi L. Riordan, speeding

Neil E. Robertson, speeding

Pamela S. Ruiz, speeding

Robert T. Rynerson, no seat belt fastened

Danny D. Scott, speeding

Tanya L. Sipes, speeding

David J. Sizemore, registration and license plate

Phillip M. Smith, expired license plate

William E. Stevens, speeding

Jeffrey L. Stoll, speeding

Stephen Stoll, no seat belt fastened

Judy W. Strauser, speeding

Walter T. Tinsley, speeding

Bradley J. Todd, no seat belt fastened

Adrian D. Wagler, no federal dot inspection

Lonnie R. Walls, speeding

Matthew R. Walls, speeding

Haley K. Weddle, no seat belt fastened

Jason K. White, speeding

Leiw K. Williams, speeding

Heather D. Wilson, expired driver's license

Carl E. Wirey, no federal dot inspection

Kylee N. Wood, speeding

Michael s. Woodward, no federal dot inspection

Daniel A. Wright, speeding

Jessica L. Yurks, speeding


Susan Janell Merkel to Carrie L. Parker, property in Greene County

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, property in Owensburg

Bryan J. McKinley to Kimberly Sue McKinley, property in Jasonville

Bryan J. McKinley to Vickey Miller, property in Jasonville