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Letters to the Editor

Monday, November 3, 2008

What happened to courtesy, respect?

To the Editor:

After enjoying a fine meal at the Greene County General Hospital dining room, I like to sit at the table outside in the courtyard and feel the beautiful Indiana evenings.

One evening last week, I was joined by a grade school young man who likes to make paper airplanes and fly them too. His name is Bryce Myers. Two senior ladies who are mobility challenged approached the door to the dining room. Young Mr. Myers laid aside his paper plane and held open the door for the ladies. No one told him to do this. He is a young man heading in the right direction. By the way, Bryce is the grandson of Jack and Joyce O'Brien.

I also spend a lot of time at Walmart sitting on the bench at the entrance or shopping or visiting McDonald's in the rear of the store. I like to watch people. I notice that young people are more likely to show courtesy than the adults. I see people bumping into each other with their carts instead of politely asking others to make room. I also see people thoughtlessly blocking aisles, without consideration for other shoppers. I see the same display of ill manners in the parking lot.

Shouldn't drivers take more care and show a little more patience for pedestrians? I've seen some very dangerous driving in the parking lot. Age is no factor in this scene, old and young alike are guilty of bad manners.

Jesus Christ repeatedly exhorts us to love one another. The surest way to display such love is to show others the "courtesy" and the "respect" they deserve. By the way, a check with a dictionary will define those two words, should they be strange to us. It would be wonderful if everyone was as polite as their mother taught them to be. No it wouldn't be just wonderful, it would be amazing!

Thanks for listening.

Robert Weyer


Barnes family thankful for show of support

To the Editor:

The family of Kenneth Barnes would like to express a very heartfelt thank you to all those who offered support to us during the final days of his life.

So many were so very kind, Dr. Krista Cox, Dr. Ridge, and Linda Swango, nurse practitioner, and staff. The nurses and staff of Greene County General Hospital and to those at Glenburn Home which made his last few days as comfortable as they could, and treated all the family members very special.

A special thank you to Todd Walton and staff of Welch and Cornett, and to the Greene County Sheriff's department and Sheriff Pierce for acting as pall bearers and escorts for Mr. Barnes to Fairview Cemetery. Pastor Doug Cassel and Pastor Dan Delaney of Bethel Baptist Church were with us throughout the entire time and we love them for their support. The meal provided by the ladies of the First Methodist Church was marvelous.

Not the least of all were the many cards, calls, visits, flowers, food, and the on-line condolences which were all very beautiful. Thank you everyone for everything. May God bless you from the family of Kenneth Barnes.

Janice Bridges


Elected officials don't need 2 percent pay raise

To the Editor:

At the next Linton City Council meeting, the council will be asked to vote for an average pay increase of 2 percent for certain city employees (mostly the ones that get a yearly salary) and all elected officials. I know some people well say 2 percent doesn't even cover a cost-of-living increase.

I am not concerned with the salaried employees getting the raise, but the elected officials (yes, I am one of them). When we all ran for election last year, we knew exactly how much we were going to be paid for the next four years. Now a year later we are asked to vote in a raise for the council, mayor and clerk treasurer.

In 2009 the property tax revenues in the city of Linton will be cut $56,631 and in the year 2010 they will be cut $132,723. I think it is time for the city council to "suck it up" and not vote for a pay increase for the elected positions.

Taxpayers please come to the Nov. 10 council meeting at 7 p.m. at the city hall and express your opinion or contact one of your elected officials.

Thank you.

Linda Bedwell

Linton City Council member