Greene County Court News

Friday, January 9, 2009



State v. Daniel T. Page, illegal possession


Patricia A. Abrams, no seat belt fastened

Bryce S. Alston, speeding

Shannon M. Ambrose, speeding

Logan R. Astrike, speeding

Samantha J. Atkinson, driving on wrong side of road

Samantha J. Atkinson, financial reponsibility

Joshua A. Baker, no seat belt fastened

Raymand A. Bouvier, oper un-authorized area on ORV

Dustin H. Boyette, speeding

Paul G. Burton, false or fictitous plates

Stephanie S. Carrell, speeding

Mary J. Carrico, no seat belt fastened

Scott E. Case, no federal dot inspection

Travis S. Chandler, no or improper taillight

David A. Cole, speeding

Michael R. Coleman, littering

Cyal M. Colon, possession of tobacco

Randy A. Cox, speeding

Donna N. Crawford, speeding

Willie J. Dotson, no federal dot inspection

Kenneth W. Dyer, no registration plate

Mohamed R. Elaneizi, speeding

Brian K. Ellerman, stop signs at intersections

Douglas W. Everett, failure to use headlights

Amanda V. Feutz, driving while suspended- infract

Amanda V. Feutz, speeding

Robert S. Fox, no federal dot inspection

Clinton D. Gault, speeding

Mason R. Goldsby, speeding

Mason R. Goldsby, no federal dot inspection

Shawn S. Graham, speeding

Zachary J. Hagan, speeding

Thomas L. Harden, overweight gross

Sean A. Haskett, speeding

Monty A. Heath, speeding

Thomas R. Hines, speeding

Brandon E. Hirsch, speeding

Michael B. Hoffman, expired license plate

Barbara J. Holt, speeding

Mitch S. Hood, failure to have required signature

Carol S. Howard, speeding

Herbert T. Hubbs, stop signs at intersections

Tracy L. Irwin, following too closely

Derrick R. Jackson, expired driver's license

Derrick R. Jackson, no seat belt fastened

Brandon C. Jamison, no seat belt fastened

Jerry K. Jarrett, no federal dot inspection

Jerry K. Jarrett, no federal dot inspection

Jeffrey W. Jenkins, speeding

Bronson M. Johnson, driving while suspended-infract

Bronson M. Johnson, financial responsibility

Shawn M. Kays, financial responsibility

Jennifer N. Keeton, speeding

Ronald L. Koter, speeding

Judith A. Kuzminski, no seat belt fastened

Beth N. Lammers, speeding

Amanda K. Lawson, speeding

Jose R. Lopez, speeding

Jose R. Lopez, expired driver's license

Joshua B. Madison, speeding

Eric C. Mahrenholz, speeding

Erik D. Mann, no seat belt fastened

Charlotte J. Manues, passing while school bus loading

Joshua M. Marlow, speeding

Rachel A. McHenry, speeding

Anthoney L. McNeely, no federal dot inspection

Molly A. McQueen, following too closely

Brent L. Memmer, speeding

Brian G. Merkel, speeding

Clara Miller, stop signs at intersections

Matthew J. Mitchell, following too closely

Bradley D. Morton, no federal dot inspection

Joel I. Oliver, no seat belt fastened

Ross C. Orr, no seat belt fastened

Brandi M. Owen, no registration plate

Daniel T. Page, driving on wrong side of road

Scott R. Parkes, false or fictitous plates

Scott R. Parkes, no seat belt fastened

Tim L. Patton, financial responsibility

Bradley E. Perry, speeding

Patrick H. Phiri, speeding

Karen E. Rash, speeding

Brandon J. Reed, no seat belt fastened

David W. Reed, speeding

Ronald L. Rehmel, speeding

Frederik G. Rodenhuis, speeding

Jeffrey K. Rogers, failure to use headlights

Kathy L. Savill, speeding

Laurel M. Scales, obeyance of markings or signs

Nancy E. Seever, speeding

Christine M. Shadle, speeding

William J. Sigers, speeding

Arley M. Simpson, speeding

Ryan M. Smith, speeding

Sherwin Stacey, speeding

Danny K. Stewart, no federal dot inspection

Sheena N. Tate, following too closely

Sean M. Terrell, oper un-auth ORV on public hwy

Joseph A. Thomas, expired license plate

Chelsea M. Tisdale, speeding

Mark A. Trench, speeding

Joseph G. Ward, following too closely

Terry W. Ward, no seat belt fastened

Kelly J. Webb, expired license plate

Elizabeth A. Wernz, speeding

Jodi L. White, financial responsibility

Trevin s. Wilson, no seat belt fastened

Andrew S. Wiscaver, speeding


Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc., property in Linton

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Bloomfield State Bank, property in Greene County

David L. Bailey as Auditor of Greene County to Eddie Singleton, property in Linton

David B. Fitzpatrick, Harry F. Fitzpatrick, Marietta Fitzpatrick to Angela S. Clifford, property in Linton

Green View Springs LLC to Edwin F. Paynter, Jr. and Sandra S. Miles, property in Greene County

Connie A. Cochran fka Connie A. McCarver to Raymond Bland, Jr. and Velma Lois Bland, property in Greene County

Dale Jessup to Don C. Jessup, property in Greene County

Tillie Jessup to Don C. Jessup, property in Greene County