Greene County Court News

Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Bank of America NA v. Joshua D. Haton, Crystal D. Haton aka Crystal D. Haton Powell, First Financial Bank NA, mortgage foreclosure

April Lynn Swaby v. James D. Swaby, dissolution



State v. Michael O'Neal, battery resulting in bodily injury

State v. Roger A. Burris, illegal possession

State v. Angela R. Douthitt, battery resulting in bodily injury

In Re: Motion for Special Prosecutor


Citifinancial Services Inc. v. Michael A. Norris, Jennifer K. Norris, collection

Michelle R. Donaldson v. Patrick D. Donaldson, dissolution

Kimberly L. Hudson v. Timothy S. Hudson, dissolution


Taylor and Nonte Apartments v. Jeffrey A. Riley, rent

Henry Wagler v. Sarah Thompson, claim for possession


Terrence L. Banis, no federal dot inspection

Jerry L. Baxter, no federal dot inspection

Timothy L. Berry, speeding

Brian A. Bertran, no seat belt fastened

Robert P. Blagrave, speeding

Lisa J. Blair, speeding

Flossie D. Burnette, financial responsibility

William T. Burt, overweight gross

Jonathan E. Childress, speeding

Lofton L. Christmas, no seat belt fastened

Tammy K. Coleman, no federal dot inspection

Brandi M. Corlett, no seat belt fastened

Matthew S. Denniston, speeding

Mitchell A. Diamond, speeding

William J. Eddington, overweight gross

Hesham M. El-Sayyad, no seat belt fastened

Hesham M. El-Sayyad, speeding

Kenneth K. Fielder, possession of tobacco

Brenda J. Flynn, speeding

Danielle D. gardner, speeding

Dimple J. Gray, speeding

Benjamin D. Griffith, no seat belt fastened

Peter A. Hanshew, no seat belt fastened

Jessica R. Huffman, financial responsibility

Kathleen M. Lett, speeding

William T. Lloyd, possession of tobacco

Joseph Moorefield, overweight gross

Jamie L. Neal, possession of tobacco

Sreekar R. Ravi, speeding

Eric R. Reed, no federal dot inspection

Todd A. Reynolds, overweight gross

Rikki J. Robinson, speeding

Edin Ruana-Arana, speeding

Tomoyuki Sakai, speeding

Courtney N. Schultz, speeding

Jeffrey T. Shimmel, speeding

Thomas E. Skroch, speeding

Sean K. Somers, speeding

Jarek D. Stanger, no seat belt fastened

Oscar N. Strieby, speeding

James M. Stringer, speeding

Colin D. Tabacchi, speeding

Haley M. Tabor, speeding

Taylor M. Taylor, speeding

Jason P. Teeters, no seat belt fastened

William D. Thomas Jr., driving while suspended-infraction

Romulo E. Vizla, speeding

Dustin M. White, expired license plate

Dustin M. White, financial responsibility

Jonathan T. Winn, possession of tobacco

Dawn M. Wisley, speeding

Dennis L. Withey, no federal dot inspection

Emily S. Wood, driving while suspended-infraction