Greene County Court News

Monday, November 16, 2009



Midland Funding LLC v. James Alexander, collection

Shelley Ann Sprang v. David Michael Sprang, dissolution

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Anita J. Epeards, collection

LVNV Funding LLC to Forresta E. Coulter, collection

GMAC Mortgage LLC v. Terrie L. Heady, mortgage foreclosure

John D. Byrer v. Lois M. Byrer, dissolution

State of Indiana ex rel Kathleen Saude v. Jeffrey R. Saude, petition for foreign support order



Midland Funding LLC v. Tracey Shepherd, collection

Jacqueline S. Schickel v. Jeffrey E. Schickel, dissolution

Mainsource Bank v. Michael Bailey, collection

Mainsource Bank v. Lisa Demotte, collection

Mainsource Bank v. Justin W. Brown, collection


Correction: In an issue last week, Arthur L. Cornelius and Violet M. Cornelius to Tamala S. Goodman should have been Arthur L. Cornelius and Violet M. Cornelius to Tamala S. Goodman, Robin L. Haun and Lori L. Russell, property in Linton

Heather Matherly to William R. Bish, property in Jasonville

Richard L. Tribby and Lorna D. Tribby to Armando O. Graniti, property in Linton

Richard Baskerville, Jr. to Deana J. Cullison, property in Greene County

Nellie Sue Roach nka Nellie Sue Blevins to Ronald G. Bland and Carolyn S. Bland, property in Greene County

LSF6 Mercury REO Investments LLC to Levi Duncan and Cassandra Duncan, property in Linton

Connie L. Tieman to Dianne L. Puckett, property in Greene County

Terry Lee Bennett to Robert R. Borders and Bonnie A. Borders, property in Jasonville

Alice G. Campbell to Rebecca J. Padgett, property in Greene County

Jerry L. May to Jack L. Lillie and Tina M. Lillie, property in Jasonville

LuAnna K. Carmichael to James B. Whaley and Carol J. Whaley, property in Greene County