Greene County Court News

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Citibank (South Dakota) NA v. James Bauer, collection

Mainsource Bank v. Edwin L. Edmonson, Laurel S. Edmonson, mortgage foreclosure

William J. Boyd, Jr. and Sharon K. Boyd v. Mario Aceves, misc.



State v. Samuel T. McGee, hunting migratory waterfowl with a shotgun capable of holding more than three (3) shells

State v. Garrett W. Kaho, possession of marijuana in an amount under 30 grams

State v. Robert J. Fougerousse, invasion of privacy

State v. Matthew D. Rodriguez, failure to stop after an accident


Melissa A. Porter to Kevin D. Porter, property in Greene County

Kevin D. Porter to Melissa A. Porter, property in Greene County

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Fannie Mae, property in Linton

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Fannie Mae, property in Greene County

Jacqueline S. Haddix fka Jacqueline S. Keegan to David R. Haddix and Jacqueline S. Haddix, property in Greene County

Julia A. Crowder to Julia Crowder and Nathan J. Crowder, property in Greene County

Wilma Jean Keller to Shari L. Marlow and Ty R. Marlow, property in Greene County

Michael F. Krzesniak and Margaret M. Krzesniak to Jason D. Ferguson and Cynthia R. Ferguson, property in Dawn View Heights

Zebedee L. Rush and Donna Rae Rush, a life estate interest to Lillian M. Rush, property in Greene County

Monty R. Howell and Sharon A. Plaut-Howell to Bloomfield Manufacturing Company Inc., property in Bloomfield

Jessie C. Wiles to James Wiles and Brian Wiles, property in Greene County

Maxine Royal to James D. Royal, Denise Yvette Anderson, Juana Sue Felton and Loessa Elaine Hayes, property in Bloomfield

Daniel D. Terril to Daniel D. Terril and Sarah E. Terril, property in Greene County

Onnie L. Fulk to Onnie L. Fulk and Dianna L. Fulk, property in Lyons