Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thanks for support during primary election

To the editor:

I'd like to commend everyone in Greene County who took the time and effort to vote during the primary election. I especially want to thank all who elected me to the Bloomfield School Board. I greatly appreciate the encouragement and well wishes I've received from the community. I'm also thankful to all who allowed me to clutter their yards with signs.

Bloomfield school has a very long history of achievement and remains a foundational pillar of our community. I'm proud to be a graduate of our school and I'm excited to be able to serve it and the community in this capacity.

Congratulations to Eric Moody and Sandy May for their election. I'd also like to make special note of the other gentlemen running in District 1. First, congratulations to Bill Bond on his election. Bill is a fine man and he will serve the school board well. I offer kudos to Curt Vandeventer on his campaign. Curt is very knowledgeable of the issues and will continue to play an important role as a supporter and advocate of the school. I also offer thanks to Doug Frye for his years of service and dedication to the school. He too will be a valued advocate and resource for our school.

Matt Miller


We must breathe life

into our classrooms

To the Editor:

I recently had the privilege of attending the Defense and Aviation Roundtable discussion in Indianapolis with top technology leaders, including Dennis Jarvi and John Sullivan, where our conversation turned to our industry's greatest asset: Our people.

It is clear we must attract the best and brightest students to the fields of mathematics and science to continue developing capable, reliable technology.

To do this, we've got to breathe life into our classrooms and increase student interest and enthusiasm in these areas.

Offering a variety of technology-based curriculum and providing a hands-on approach in the classroom is key to sparking passion in our youth.

I also believe if we partner with industry universities and Department of Defense activities with schools at any level, we can show students the remarkable ways technology is implemented.

Captain Charles LaSota

Crane Division, Naval Surface

Warfare Center