Greene County Court News

Monday, February 27, 2012


Civil Filings

Capital One Bank vs. Zachary Brown, civil collection.

Christopher Dagley and Elizabeth Dagley, dissolution of marriage.


Criminal Filings

State vs. Jason E. Castle, invasion of privacy.

State vs. Frank P. Rohde, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration of .15 percent more more.

State vs. Roy T. Ervin, knowingly or intentionally operating a vehicle without ever receiving an operator's license.

Civil Filings

Gary Denney, Melinda Scholosser vs. James Ellis, civil tort.

Traci Johnson and Joshua Johnson, dissolution of marriage.

Small Claims Filings

Donald Roach vs. George Schacke, collection.

Dorothy Jerrells vs. Walter Franklin Snider, eviction.