Greene County Court News

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Civil Filings

Amber Townsend and Dale Townsend, dissolution of marriage.

Criminal Filings

State vs. Christopher S. Wade, battery resulting in bodily injury to a pregnant woman; domestic battery in the presence of a child under the age of 16.


Samual D. George, Jr., failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Jimmy R. Fulford, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Teresa K. Huff, speeding.

Rachel J. Eaggleston, speeding.

Richard L. Scholtz, failure to comply with federal motor carrier safety regulations.

William T. Price, over vehicle gross weight.

Matthew J. Perry, operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility; no valid operator's license; failure to carry registration in vehicle; false or ficticous registration.

Amanda Yingling, speeding.

Brandon J. Roudebush, failure of occupant to wear safety belt; disregarding stop sign.

Kaylee M. Graves, speeding.

Michael J. Miller, speeding.

Joseph Bowen, driving while suspended.

Timothy J. Sarris, failure of occupant to wear safety belt.