Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Angells did a lot for employees, community

To the Editor:

Angell's has been a fixture of Linton since 1976. If you have never been employed by the Angell family, you are sure to know someone that has. In my time at the store, I had the privilege of working closely with both Mark and Joe Angell. When I say "privilege," I truly mean it.

Over the years, Mark, Joe, and the family have received numerous awards for their generosity and commitment to the community, but not many know just how hard these two men worked to keep the doors of the stores open, knowing how much the stores' employees depended upon their paycheck to provide for their own families.

Mark Angell usually worked seven days a week. Although he was a busy man, he was never too busy to listen and offer help to any employee who came to his office. In fact, he once even offered to sit down with an employee that was having financial trouble and help her create a budget.

The most compelling example of Mark's commitment to his employees, though, is a story Mark's wife told me after his death. After Wal-Mart opened its Supercenter in Linton, she found him weeping on the end of their bed. When she questioned him about why he was so upset, Mark admitted he was worried about the future of the stores. He was concerned that if the Angells were forced to close the stores, the employees and their families would suffer. He knew his future and that of his family was secure, but the thought of letting down his employees and their families brought him to tears. Anyone that knew Mark knows he was not someone who easily cried.

Joe Angell has shown the same dedication to his employees. After Mark's unexpected passing last year, the elder Angell could have simply closed the doors. He chose not to. Joe was also worried about the stores' employees. Seven days a week he showed up to work at 6:30 a.m., going for months without a day off. No matter how busy or tired he was, like his son, he too would make time for any employee who came to his office looking for advice, whether it was a personal or business concern.

Joe Angell was always trying to pass on the tools he knew his employees needed to be successful in their jobs and in life. Perhaps the most inspiring lessons Joe has taught us are the power of perseverance and a positive attitude. Ever optimistic, Joe viewed even the most daunting challenges as "opportunities."

Over the past year, there have been several "opportunities" and he has inspired all around him by the he has worked to overcome them.

For those of us who have worked at Angell's, we are fortunate to have had the privilege of sharing Mark and Joe Angell's expertise, work ethic, generosity and commitment.

As we welcome their successor, Bob Baesler, to the community let us not forget how much we have learned and benefited from the two men that came before him.

Thank you, gentlemen ... job well done. Bob, you have big shoes to fill!

Amy Bedwell