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Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thank you Linton

fire, rescue

To the Editor:

I wanted to say thank you to the Linton City Fire and Rescue. Thank you isn't enough by far. Each and every one of you are so vital to this city, my city and home, my entire life.

My father, Jack Allen, was the fire chief and worked 31 years in the department. He was responsible for bringing the first emergency truck to Linton. I know how vital it was then and even more so today, as the city has grown and so has the need. Believe me, you never know when you are going to need them but when, and if you do, they are always there within minutes.

As I was growing up, I know what the emergency and fire department was all about and how important it really is. On Friday night, April 5, my granddaughter was in an auto accident. I can tell you the Greene County Rescue was called and responded so quickly. She was taken to Greene County General Hospital and taken to Indianapolis Methodist Hospital. I can't tell you how scared we were for her, but I do know that because of the rescue team and the doctors and nurses at Greene County and the actions of Methodist Hospital, was vital to her.

Thank God we have the fire and rescue. They are very well trained and very professional and are so vital to Linton and Greene County, and you have no idea how vital they are, every one of them, until you or someone in your family needs them.

When you drive by the fire and rescue department, honk as you go by because it lets them know you appreciate the fact that they are there for you. It's not easy, the job they do. Sometimes, it's one of their own that they come upon. They are still professional and get the job done and for that I am so very grateful.

I pray to God for each of you every time you are called out. I consider this department and men as my family. My husband, Wendell Sparks, was fire chief and worked 27 years at the department. I know how fortunate we are to have this department and our police department.

I'm very proud to say I live in Linton, Ind., and I am very proud and grateful for everything Linton provides. This community is so much a part of me and my family and so very dear to all of us. I can't say enough, how important the fire department and the rescue department are for this community. I know I sleep a whole lot better just knowing they are there within minutes if I ever need them and you never now when you might.

Again, thank you Fire Chief Brad Sparks, Opie Wall, Lonnie Eberhardt, Eric Carpenter, Ross Gentry, Richie Budd, Gary Tannehill, Tom Robinson, and Jayson Smith.

Jennie Sparks


Thank you for

birthday party

To the Editor:

To everyone who attended my birthday party I say a special thank you.

Thank you friends, co-workers, church family and my family for a wonderful day. Thank you for the cards, flowers and gifts. It was a great day.

A special thank you to my family, Rick and Teri Page and family and Jeff Page and family for everything. Bless everyone who made it such a great day.

Nice to see each one of you.

Esther Page


Great job area


To the Editor:

Boy's basketball county coaches: When is the last time that all of the county boy's coaches played college basketball?

I am sure that this was a very helpful experience for them. They all do a very good job with the players they coach and deserve a lot of credit.

A special congrats to Joey Hart on their tournament run. I enjoyed watching all the five teams.

Tom S. Oliphant