Court News

Monday, March 21, 2016

Criminal Cases

Matthew Moore, 37, Linton, Level 6 felony receiving stolen auto parts

Gregory Goodheart, 53, Elnora, Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy

Jeremy Felker, 37, Jasonville, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with a prior conviction

Nathaniel L. McCloud, 40, Class A misdemeanor operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, Class C misdemeanor operating vehicle while intoxicated, Class C misdemeanor operating with BAC between .08 and .15 percent

Civil Cases

Capital One Bank vs. Denise S. Douglas

Small Claims

BloomBank vs. Scott P. Sozzi

Citations and Infractions

Richard E. Weaver, 28, Jasonville, operating motor with registration number belonging to another vehicle

Traig L. Mallard, 44, Holly Hill, S.C., failure to comply with federal motor carrier safety regulations

Shania G. Graves, 19, Linton, no valid driver's license

Heather L. Chesnut, 32, Lyons, speeding

Barbara G. Steves, 57, Jasonville, speeding

Zachary B. Ford, 37, Evansville, speeding

Eric L. Walford, 38, Washington, unsafe lane movement

Mary Teresa Wease, 48, Bloomfield, speeding

Tommy L. Nail, 50, Coden, Ala., speeding

Christopher L. Hardy, 52, Bedford, speeding

Hunter James Jones, 21, Freelandville, failure to wear seat belt

William H. Harris, 62, Bloomfield, speeding

Natalie B. Abner, 30, Mooresville, speeding

Jesse K. Louden, 22, Indianapolis, speeding

Amado Sotelo Pena, 45, Indianapolis, speeding, driving while suspended

Timothy Wade Partin, 46, Williamsburg, Ky., speeding

Joseph R. Waskow, 46, Ellettsville, speeding

Luis A. Tamayo Flores, 23, Hemet, Calif., speeding

Jon R. Fuquay, 74, Evansville, speeding

Ricky L. Hillard, 50, Valparaiso, speeding

Everett H. Amos, 22, Thompsontown, Penn., failure to comply with federal motor carrier safety regulations

Christopher Zane Cosantino, 33, Westfield, speeding

Brittany N. Blevins, 21, Odon, disregarding stop sign

Jerald W. Michael, 37, Bloomfield, speeding

Smajo Crnkic, 52, Warren, Mich., speeding

Jodi Lynn Miller, 30, Bloomfield, failure to wear seat belt, child restraint violation

James D. Vestal, 42, Linton, speeding

Zackory Shepherd, 29, Indianapolis, speeding, expired plates

Stephen Bruce Cavender, 57, Lawrenceville, Ill., speeding

Cynthia K. Brown, 52, Linton, speeding