ViaQuest conducts pinning ceremony to honor local vets

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
WWII veteran Delmar Hasler was one of several local veterans honored Wednesday by ViaQuest in Linton.
By Patti Danner

ViaQuest, a company new to Linton with offices in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, is veteran-owned and veteran-supportive.

ViaQuest President and CEO Richard Johnson, himself an Air Force veteran who served from 1986-1990, was present on Wednesday, Nov. 7, along with staff and ViaQuest Chaplain Kerry Ascher, who conducted one of ViaQuest’s ‘We Honor Vet’ pinning ceremonies for a group of veterans from Linton American Legion Post 22 as well as other veterans present, including Kevin Theroff, John Cotter and Delmar Hasler.

WWII veteran Hasler, who is 92 years old, endured some good-natured ribbing from the other veterans in attendance, throwing back some of his own as well, before being honored with the other veterans present with a flag pin, gift bag and a special gift, a ‘star cut from a flag that once flew over this great nation,’ in the words of Chaplain Ascher.

The company provides pinning ceremonies in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities in the towns in which they do business, providing attendees with a color program listing the names and military history of each veteran who will be honored.

In addition, ViaQuest provides several services to veterans nationwide through VQ Veteran Services.

Ceremonies are planned in Bloomington at Evergreen Village on Monday and at Garden Villa on Wednesday of next week.

For more information on ViaQuest and VQ Veteran Services, visit or or call 614-339-8408.

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