Court News

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Andrew Damron, 24, Linton, Felony murder; Level 5 felony intimidation where defendant draws or uses a deadly weapon, two counts; Level 6 felony obstruction of justice; Class A misdemeanor false informing

Aaron J. Beaver, 25, New Castle, Class A misdemeanor conversion

Nathan P. Michael, 36, Linton, Level 5 felony battery by bodily waste leading to infection, two counts; Level 6 felony intimidation where the threat is to certain types of people, two counts; Level 6 felony battery against a public safety official; Class A misdemeanor domestic battery; Class A misdemeanor resisting law enforcement; Class B misdemeanor battery

Travis a. White, 36, Bloomington, Level 4 felony possession of methamphetamine; Level 6 felony unlawful possession of a syringe; Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana; Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Allan M. Smith, 27, Bloomington, Class A misdemeanor theft; Class A misdemeanor false informing

Joseph A. Grubb, 31, Bloomfield, Class B misdemeanor battery by bodily waste; Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief; Class A misdemeanor resisting law enforcement

Roger J. Porter, 27, Bloomington, Class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury, two counts


13592 East Shady Meadows Drive Land Trust vs Omar A. L. Menjivar and Unknown Tenants


Portfolio Recovery Associates vs Tari Mayfield

Discover Bank vs Hubert J. Anderson

Citibank vs Gretchen Reynolds


Tanner N. Baker, Worthington and Sara M. Ferguson, Odon

Joshua R. Gaylan, Solsberry and Rose M. Feltner, Solsberry

David M. Whitehead, Worthington and Diana L. Wicker, Worthington

Justin D. Ball, Jasonville and Ashley N. Buskirk, Jasonville

Christopher L. Snow, Linton and Jessica N. McCombs, Sandborn

Michael L. Kindred, Owensburg and Jodi L. Stach, Owensburg


Alicia McGrail, Linton and Gino J. Meoli, Branchville


Rylee S. Bodine, 18, Jasonville, speeding

John C. Blair II, 46, Saint Francisville IL, operating with expired plates

Brenda L. Jaca-Muniz, 35, Washington, speeding; no valid driverís license

Daniel M. Oliver Jr, 45, McCordsville, speeding

Jeffrey A. Lindauer, 48, Bloomington, speeding

Jessie L. Nelson, 52, Romeoville IL, federal motor carrier safety regulation violation

Wesley M. Holloman Jr, 51, Bloomfield, driving while suspended