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Letters to the Editor

Friday, July 4, 2008

Stuppy family

says thanks

To the Editor:

Thank you to all friends, family and neighbors who were there for us during the passing of our loved one George Stuppy. The prayers, cards, e-mails, flowers, phone calls, food and visits, all were greatly appreciated.

A special thank you to Anderson-Poindexter Funeral Home, Southern Care of Bloomington, Glenburn and Shakamak Good Samaritan Nursing Homes and Staff, Friendly Grove Church and St. Anne's Alter Society.

The Family of George Stuppy

Deloris Stuppy


Mildred Lockard


Julie Stetter


Charles Stuppy


Kenneth Stuppy


Jean Boyles


Thresa Bailey


Rick Mayfield


Mike Mayfield


Gary Mayfield

Mount Pleasant


Dale Mayfield

Meca, Texas

Estelle Mayfield Jr.

Portmouth, Ohio

Has a lot of money been wasted?

To the Editor:

I recently received a letter from the county commissioners regarding the change to E911 Addressing. I think it's great that Greene County is joining the rest of the country in the 21st Century, but I feel a lot of time and money has been wasted on the process that was used.

It's great that we'll be able to buy things online and not have to go through the explanation that a Rural Route address is not the same as a P.O. Box, and that it is a physical address. It's great that visiting friends and family will be able to type in your address on any Internet mapping program and find your physical location.

It's too bad that someone spent a lot of time naming every road in the county. Did they get paid for this effort? It's too bad that the county is going to have to put up all new road signs for the new road names instead of using the county road number as your address. It's too bad that we, the taxpayers, get to pay for all of these new road signs and the labor to put them up when there are already road signs that have the county road number on them. It's too bad that you won't be able to tell exactly where someone lives in the county by looking at their address. I think that would be much easier for emergency personnel, than relying on a computer or GPS to tell them where to go.

Steve Corbin


Bedwells appreciate show of support

To the Editor:

Thanks so much for the acknowledgment of our 50th wedding anniversary.

To all our family and friends who took the time out of their busy schedule to send us a card, make a phone call, drop us a line or send a gift. You are treasured and we thank you.

May you all be blessed for the kindness that you have shown to both of us during this special milestone in our lives.

Jim and Olga Bedwell

Palm Bay, Fla.