Greene County Court News

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



State v. Gregory S. Thatcher, burglary, attempted theft, resisting law enforcement and possession of methamphetamine



State v. James R. Shelton, theft


Julie Alberson, open container

Scott Bedwell, oper un-authorized area on orv

Kirk L. Chambers, failure to yield right of way

Andrew S. Cooper, financial responsibility

Craig D. Cotham, speeding

Mark A. Craig, speeding

Autumn D. Dustin, speeding

Jeffrey L. Fields, speeding

Luke D. Graber, speeding

Timothy N. Grigsby, speedign

David Hoover, false or fictitous plates

Carmin I. Jacobs, speeding

Kevin L. Jones, no federal dot inspection

Jennifer M. Keirn, driving while suspended-infract

Jennifer M. Keirn, following too closely

Skyler D. Langley, obeyance of markings or signs

Brent A. Love, speeding

Ethan J. Ludwig, obeyance of markings or signs

Debbie L. McKenzie, expired driver's license

Jerry A. McKenzie, expired driver's license

Anthony L. Minks, failure to yield to emergency

Frank A. Mitulski, financial responsibility

Steven A. Mitzel, speeding

Mark E. Morris, speeding

Mindie A. Neeley, speeding

Joshua D. Orr, child passenger restraint

Cristi Rodrifuez-Perez, speeding

Clinton Shafer, failure to yield to emergency

Jessica E. Smedley, speeding

Jessica E. Smedley, expired license plate

Yolanda M. Stevenson, oper un-auth area on orv

Terry J. Stret, speeding

Cory B. Sullivan, speeding

Matthew A. Ubelhor, speeding

Brenda S. Ulaszek, no seat belt fastened

Mark E. Wagler, no seat belt fastened

Mark E. Wagler, speeding

Valerie J. Wells, speeding

Robert J. Wolfe, no registration plate or license

John W. Woodard, speeding


Mary Lou Page to Gary L. Mayfield, property in Greene County

Maurice Baty Terhune as trustee of the Maurice Baty Terhune Trust to Maurice Baty Terhune, Jr. and Maurice Baty Terhune, property in Greene County

Jarrod Skinner and Stacy Skinner to J. Brent Barkley, property in Bloomfield